NORDAM: How To Break The Cycle of Feast or Famine

Many entrepreneurs get trapped in the dollars-for-hours hustle. I hear from hundreds of people who say, “I need more of ‘me’ to go around.” But while you’re dreaming about cloning, what you really need to be evaluating is your approach to lead generation. The secret to getting out of the cycle of feast or famine […]


NORDAM: 5 Secrets to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile to Gain a Corporate Board Seat

Did you know your LinkedIn profile can help you get a corporate board seat? It can also ruin your chances of getting a corporate board seat! Follow the five secrets below so your LinkedIn profile helps rather than hurts you: 1. Tie Your Strengths to Accomplishments First prioritize your strengths in relationship to a board […]


NORDAM: 10 Things a Virtual Assistant Can Do Better, Faster and Cheaper than You

Sponsored by 247Assistants: You run a growing business, but you’re so busy you can’t even enjoy your success. Sound familiar? Fortunately, you can get help so you can focus your valuable time on business development. One of the most affordable and effective ways to recoup your productivity is to hire a virtual assistant from a […]


NORDAM: How to Get Ahead: Advice from a Female’s Perspective

It’s a sad fact that women are still not fairly represented in today’s workplace. In the United States, women who work full-time are only paid 78 cents for every dollar their male counterpart earns. Women earn 60 percent of all bachelor’s degrees as well as 60 percent of all master’s degrees, and they make up […]


NORDAM: Top 8 Questions About Video Marketing Answered

If you wanted to get to know someone, what steps would you take? Would you invite them to lunch or for a cup of coffee? It’s always easier to get to know someone when they are sitting across the table from you. What happens in your business when you can’t reach your ideal customer/client and […]