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💙 the golden channel on 500px by Andrew Wang
☀  NIKON D5200-f/8-1/2500s-68mm-iso100, 4000✱6000px-rating:87.4


Celebration of Life

Amazing USA

Los Angeles – California – USA (by Louis Raphael)

Selected Wildlife #wildlifephotos

Fox by Corey Hayes

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💙 he who waits on 500px by Tom Wood, Bingley, UK
☀  Canon EOS 5D Mark III-f/22-1/5s-26mm-iso50, 1140✱1600px-rating:94.7


Amazing Planet

Selected Wildlife #wildlifephotos


Tiger Couple by Robert Cinega

A Fresh Perspective on an Extraordinary Cluster of…

A Fresh Perspective on an Extraordinary Cluster of Galaxies

Galaxy clusters are often described by superlatives. After all, they are huge conglomerations of galaxies, hot gas, and dark matter and represent the largest structures in the Universe held together by gravity.

September 30, 2015

Amazing Planet