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Concrete tower by Bechter Zaffignani.


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staff: Don’t let this happen to your internetThe internet…


Don’t let this happen to your internet

The internet belongs to all of us. It’s an open, fair, democratic place that we’ve all helped to create, together. On February 26, the FCC is going to decide whether to leave the internet in our hands…or whether to turn it over to the cable companies.

You don’t want them to pick the cable companies. 

Join everybody on the internet and help the FCC do the right thing.

This is it, guys. We’ve been been fighting this fight together for a long time now. You did a sensationally good job back in September, making 135,343 calls in a single day and shifting the political momentum back toward real internet freedom. You been pulling more and more policymakers—including the president himself—over to the side of internet freedom. We’re almost there. Let’s bring this one home.


isabellehartleys: As most of us are aware, things aren’t looking…


 As most of us are aware, things aren’t looking that great for Agent Carter. Ratings have fallen, and nobody knows if it’s going to get renewed or not. Some are even saying it might get cancelled, and the remaining episodes won’t air.

Might I just remind you all that this is the MCU’s first project with a female lead. If we want more projects with female leads, we can’t let Agent Carter get cancelled. Agent Carter getting cancelled will prove to Marvel that female-led projects aren’t worth their time and money. Want a Black Widow movie? Hoping that another female character might get her own show/movie? Agent Carter’s cancellation won’t bode well for it.

Agent Carter is an absolutely fantastic show. Hayley Atwell is, as we all know, fantastic as Peggy. Perfect casting. She blows me away every single episode, and it’s practically impossible not to fall in love with the character (and Hayley herself). Don’t believe me? Watch the first Captain America movie. Watch the Agent Carter one-shot (set after the show).

Peggy Carter is the strong female role model we need. Even if the show is set in the 40’s after WWII, she’s still incredibly relatable to so many of us in so many different ways. If you’re looking for a show with an intelligent female lead that takes no shit, kicks ass, and looks drop dead gorgeous while doing it… this is your show for you. And at eight episodes, it isn’t exactly difficult to get through and catch up on. If you’re into period dramas, give it a try! The attention to detail with this era is astounding.

But Peggy isn’t the only brilliant character. We have Angie, played by the amazing Lyndsy Fonseca (you may know her as Ted’s daughter in HIMYM), Edwin Jarvis (yes, that Jarvis) played by James D’Arcy (currently also plays Lee Ashworth in the new series of Broadchurch, also played Sherlock in a 2002 TV movie!), Dottie played by Bridget Regan (also currently plays Rose in Jane the Virgin), and Agent Sousa played by Enver Gjokaj (he was in Dollhouse, and even played an NYPD officer in The Avengers!).

Also, for Black Widow fans – this show is shedding light on the Red Room facility in Soviet Russia. If you’re interested on seeing the MCU’s take on the Red Room, there you go!

Agent Carter has shown the trials and tribulations that not only women of this era went through (sexual harrassment, sexism and misogyny in the workplace, sexual objectification), it has also shed light on PTSD (as shown through Agent Thompson, a co-worker of Peggy’s), and physical disabilities (Agent Sousa’s war injury).

And did I mention the interesting plot, witty dialogue (especially between Peggy and Jarvis), and appearances of Howard Stark? Even the Howling Commandos had an appearance in the latest episode!

This all sounds like a great show, don’t you think? You’re right, it’s just brilliant. And it’d be a damn shame to see it cancelled.

So, what can you do?

We all know that social media is one of the best places to raise awareness and promote things, and Twitter and Facebook are definitely up there with the best ones for doing so. Here, there are lots of things you can do, such as:

Like the official Agent Carter Facebook page

Follow the official Agent Carter Twitter account

Change your Facebook and/or Twitter header to this, or something similar

Add ‘agent carter’ into your Twitter name (i.e., ‘daisy’ becomes ‘agent carter daisy’)

And here’s where my main idea comes in:

Trend #AgentCarter

This weekend (Sat 7th Feb and Sun 8th Feb), do everything in your power to get #AgentCarter trending.

Tweet it as many times as you can, but remember to only use the hashtag once per tweet or else it won’t come up and help it to trend. Retweet tweets that use the hashtag. Use the hashtag in every single tweet, related to Agent Carter or not. Tweeting about Agent Carter? Use #AgentCarter. Tweeting about something completely random? Use #AgentCarter. Those twelve characters are hardly anything. Obviously, ideally tweet about Agent Carter as much as you possibly can. Build up the hype! We have to show that we care.

I wouldn’t suggest tweeting Hayley and the rest of the cast too much, but a few tweets from each of us definitely wouldn’t hurt! It’s good to show the cast and crew how much we care about the show, but don’t completely swamp them. But definitely tweet Marvel and ABC Network.

Don’t have Twitter or Facebook? Keep active on Tumblr. Keep making edits, gif sets, fanart, whatever you want. Be creative!

Want to do more? Great! Here are some more things you can do to help (taken from this page):

Call ABC’s feeback line: 818-460-7477 (USA ONLY)
After calling the number, Press 1 for ABC Television Network. Press 2 for Leave Comment. Press 2 for Prime Time Shows. Enter 243 for Agent Carter. Leave a message that lasts up to 30 seconds, and then hang up. Please note: I am uncertain as to whether or not this costs money.

Send ABC an email

Watch Agent Carter legally
This is a brand new show, so it obviously isn’t up on Netflix yet. Agent Carter currently only airs in the United States, Canada, and will be starting in New Zealand on Feb 11th. If you live outside these areas like I do, all is not lost. They may not be legal and they don’t count towards the viewing numbers (or whatever), but livestream Agent Carter as it airs and tweet as much as you can about it.

 Legal places to watch/buy Agent Carter include:

1×01 – Hulu | ABC | Amazon | iTunes | Android
1×02 – Hulu | ABC | Amazon | iTunes | Android
1×03 – Hulu | ABC | Amazon | iTunes | Android
1×04 – Hulu | ABC | Amazon | iTunes | Android
1×05 – Hulu | ABC | Amazon | iTunes | Android
1×06 – Airdate: 10th Feb
1×07 – Airdate: 17th Feb
1×08 – Airdate: 24th Feb

Word of mouth
Tell everyone you know about this show, especially if you live somewhere that’s currently airing it.

And… I think that’s it. Please reblog and share this post in as many places as you can to get the word out. This is a great show, and it would be an absolute travesty for it to get cancelled.

TL;DR – We’re attempting to trend #AgentCarter on Twitter all day both days this weekend (7-8th Feb).


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