A colossal tribute to four of our greatest presidents, Mount…

A colossal tribute to four of our greatest presidents, Mount Rushmore National Memorial in South Dakota captivates and overwhelms nearly 3 million visitors a year. Most popular during the summer, we think Presidents’ Day is a perfect time of year to feature this remarkable park. Say hi to Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt when you go! Explore Mount Rushmore’s history and secrets: https://on.doi.gov/2kCiMM3

The 6 Item Checklist for Effective Freelancing This Year

Freelancing is an excellent way to build your income or your confidence if you are just getting started. If you are willing to put in the extra work, becoming a freelancer can be extremely lucrative.

Effective freelancing involves goal-setting, deciding how many hours to dedicate, and harnessing the support of family and friends.

We’ve put together a 6 item checklist that will break down the process and help you be a more productive freelancer.

Highlight Your Skills

It is not mandatory to freelance in the same field you work in now. Take into account all the abilities you have, including hard skills and soft skills. Determine the areas where you can excel.

If you are confused, there are career assessment tests available online to help identify your strong traits and evaluate where your skills lie. For example, if you are a good writer, you may want to consider freelancing as a content creator.

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Define Your Personal Brand

It is important not only to understand your skills and talents but to also make sure that potential employers know about them. Your skills must translate into relevant services that you can provide for them. Most employers don’t have the attention span to go through pages of content. So it is critical to nail your resume to stand out from the clutter and establish yourself as a brand.

Use Social Media to Increase Visibility

social media presence

In today’s world, it is important to have a presence online. An easy way for freelancers to establish an online presence is through social media. Harness the power of social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram to create an active presence online.

You can also use websites such as Upwork and Fiverr to reach potential clients directly and also use private networking communities on Facebook. It is an added advantage if you can support your social media presence with a professional website or blog. This lends legitimacy and credibility to your work and provides a professional platform. You will also be able to outline your expertise and services and project a positive image.

Be a Pro at Networking

It is important to build and use your network as a freelancer. Learning how to reach out to other freelancers and potential employers can help you grow your business in numerous ways. By projecting the right image of your brand to family, friends, and colleagues, you will set the groundwork for the future success of your venture.

Have a short pitch about the services you offer ready at all times. This will enable you to be clear about your message and the service you provide. Ensure that you practice this pitch so that it comes out naturally and does not sound awkward or forced. Be ready to take on new jobs at any time as a single conversation can lead to new job opportunities.

When an opportunity arises, you need to be able to convince the client that you are the ideal candidate for the job. The best way to approach a pitch is to talk to the client and understand their needs.

Decide On the Right Rate to Charge and Price Yourself Suitably As a Freelancer

When it comes to negotiations and pricing, it can be difficult to decide how much to charge as this is linked to how much you think you are worth. However, it is important to understand that the best clients are those who are willing to pay for the added value you provide and appreciate it. So setting the right price and not selling yourself short will pay off in the long run, although you may end up losing some business.

You can also adjust pricing as you go, but it is important to make a profit in order to continue. Nail the money-making aspect of your freelance business by scoping out each job and assigning a fee. When setting your rates, it is essential to take factors such as market, location, visibility and demand into consideration.

You can also do some research or talk to other freelancers to find out how much they charge. The freelancing community is very open and welcoming, so you can get useful tips from other freelancers on ways to operate.

Set Tangible Goals and Develop a Game Plan to Achieve These

tangible goals

To be successful as a freelancer, it is important to set goals and continuously move forward. This will help you graduate to the next level and enhance your skills. It will also allow you to gain new clients and even charge higher rates.

As a freelancer, you will not be getting a steady paycheck, so you need to plan accordingly and get ready for the ups and downs in cash flow. Learn about taxes, income and expense planning and become comfortable with handling these.

In addition to making money, it is also essential to do enjoyable work that makes you feel fulfilled. When you are passionate about what you do, you will be able to grow your freelancing skills organically without worrying about keeping your business afloat.

Final Thoughts

You can set yourself up for success as a freelancer by following the guidelines mentioned in this article. It is important to be organized and handle invoicing, deadlines, etc. with clarity.

Understand the job at hand and align your expectations with that of your client. Establish the top priorities of the project and ensure that you meet them. As a freelancer, the work ebbs and flows, so it can be difficult to maintain a consistent schedule.

Another important aspect of freelancing is time management. As a freelancer, you need to be disciplined and self-motivated to maintain a work-life balance. Be aware of the financial and legal obligations that come with the reality of being self-employed. Consistently meeting client expectations and managing your resources are keys to a successful and fulfilling career as a freelancer.

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A Rural Home Renovation in Ostini, Apulia, Italy

This historic building, surrounded by olive trees and other vegetation, is located right in the heart of Ostini, Apulia, Italy. With its rustic stone walls and abundant interior and exterior space, this house – which was spectacularly renovated by Schiattarella Associati – invites us to enjoy and relax in each of its different areas. Its pool is enclosed by walls and floors made of stone, and surrounded by lush, verdant..


The Shape of Things … by dermotrussell

World Trade Center Building 7 – one of my favourite buildings at the WTC site. I find it to be quite photogenic even considering it’s famous companions. In general I like gentle low-lit images, I find they can have a lot of mood and presence and can have a minimal and powerful feel, but it’s important to avoid underexposure. Taken at the 2016 New York (en)Visionography workshop with Julia Anna Gospodarou.


17 Worst Resume Mistakes

Whether you are a college student, a recent graduate or a job seeker, you must have, at least once in your lifetime, written a resume. Resume writing is tricky for everyone. It is not an easy task even for the experienced writers. A resume has to be perfect because it marks the starting point of one’s professional career. However, there are several common mistakes that people make while writing a resume.

Here are 17 common resume mistakes that you must avoid making 2017 the year of your employment.

Try to make your resume short

short resume

Okay, you have achieved a lot starting from highschool to college graduation. You want to show everything to your recruiter and you expect them to read every word of it. You are gravely wrong.

Recruiters are saying that they want resumes that are just one page long. An average manager will not spend even a minute looking at your resume. Be sure that you keep the most relevant information on the top and hold it to one page.

Don’t overuse words

While writing a resume, people tend to use overused words and repeat the same words again and again. This makes your resume unattractive and annoying. At times, only vague information is provided.

Your resume should be creative and attractive enough to attract the recruiter’s attention. Make sure you use words and phrases that are straight to the point.

Make your resume productive in grammar

You should never use poor English or misuse words, use wrong spellings and punctuations. Such mistakes are not overlooked and they make your resume look bad. Just imagine a resume with several red marks. If you aren’t confident with your written skills, have a good editor go through your document.

Don’t fake yourself

Never give wrong information about yourself or your accomplishments. Remember, honesty is the best policy. Some details are too perfect to be right.

There may be situations in your career wherein you have to prove a wrong detail you provided in your resume. Don’t take chances. Be honest about yourself.

Go with the proper format

One of the most important things many people ignore is the format of any official paper. The format and appearance of a resume also matter a lot. Your resume should be cross-platform and compatible with all computers.

That is why most people prefer the PDF format for their resumes. PDF format appears the same on all computers. Also, make sure that you don’t use many different fonts, colors or graphs. Keep it neat and clean so that it is easy to read.

The objective statement

If you know what to include, then go ahead. This works if in case you are changing fields as this acts as a summary of your resume. If you simply add that you require a job, it is an utter waste of time. Specifically, if you include the fact that you need a job as an objective statement, then it is certainly not so unique.

Work Experiences

If you are sending a job application for the position of a chef, there’s no need to include your experience as an accountant. Do not include those irrelevant experiences. Be to the point and specific about your throw as a candidate.

Personal Stuff and hobbies

Marital status and religious preference – this isn’t your Facebook profile. These might have been a significant thing in the past, but apparently not anymore and for good reason.

In fact, if your employer asks for this information or data like Social Security Number, it is illegal. Also, do not waste space by writing hobbies that are unrelated to the job you are applying for. This is a major mistake in resume-writing that people often make.

Too much content

Right! If you have so much to tell your prospective employer, you can add a few points during the final round of interview where the employers are interested in listening to you. Do not include worldly content in your Job Resume. Keep it as short and significant as possible.

Also, if you are using a .5 inch margin, do not use 8 point font as this won’t be appreciated.


If your employers would like to have a conversation with your previous employers, they will let you know. This is where keeping good relations with your past employers helps.

Your Email Address

Always give out a professional email address. Avoid unprofessional-sounding ones like wildgirl28@yahoo.com. Having a professional email id plays a significant role in your job selection. Show the employers your professionalism right from there.

Your current business contact

Do not mess with this and give out false information. This is another stupid mistake a few people do in Resume Writing. If you wish to get immediately disqualified from the screening process, you can go ahead.

Social Media URLs

social media

If you are not applying for the position of a social media analyst or a graphic designer or any position that requires a better social profile, do not provide your Facebook to Instagram URLs. You might have some information that your employer doesn’t wish to see, and you are done then and there.

It isn’t unheard of for companies and HR departments to research and find a promising candidate’s social media. So, be sure not to have anything damaging on your social media especially if you are job-hunting.

Salary information

If you have held some past jobs during your college days and are planning to include the salary you were paid, stop it right there. Salary comes later, much later. Employers do not prefer employees who are only and all about salary. Your resume is intended to show your professional skills and why you are the best fit for the job opening. It’s not to decide how much you should be paid.

Fonts and issues

typography and fonts

If you are using a fancy cursive font just because you like it, forget even getting into the second round of the job. Non-professional fonts straight away get rejected no matter how skilled you are. Even if you are applying for a creative position, it doesn’t warrant hard-to-read fonts.

Also, avoid using old fonts such as Times New Roman. A standard sans-serif font like Arial will do. Your ultimate aim is to convey your skills – beautiful and sleek.

Reasons why you left your previous job

If you were consider adding this to your resume, please know that this is not cool at all. Leave it out of your one-page resume. This is usually asked during the round of interviews but it doesn’t have to go on your resume.

Many candidates mistakenly think stating their reasons will give their employers more reasons to hire them but this is incorrect. Let your interviewer address this and not you.

Apart from all of these, other silly mistakes include adding in your GPA. GPA doesn’t decide anything. Moreover, make sure to exclude your pictures, opinions, and short-term experiences from your resume as all of these can add negative points to your application. Keep it simple.

Good luck with the job-hunting!

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Cadaval and Solà-Morales Design a Contemporary Home in Tepoztlán, México

MA House possesses an impressive structure, consisting primarily of stone and glass walls and concrete ceilings. It was built by Cadaval & Solà-Morales in Tepoztlán, Mexico, an area surrounded by mountains and covered by dense vegetation. Its prime location which allows it to enjoy excellent temperatures throughout the entire year. This residence was built with a specific idea in mind: being able to view the mountains, considered its primary attraction,..


7 Ridiculous Standards We Need To Stop Sticking To

You’re reading 7 Ridiculous Standards We Need To Stop Sticking To, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you’re enjoying this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles.

I don’t know what it is exactly, but it seems like in today’s day and age, we’re taking almost everything for granted.

Common sense isn’t so common anymore.

And adults aren’t being adults.

It’s ironic because the internet, social media and modern technology are all making us go backwards.

Here’s 7 ridiculous standards we need to stop sticking to

1) It’s okay to be late

No. It’s not.

I don’t know when, but some people think that it’s okay to never be on time. The worst I came across was people showing up for a movie late, making the rest of us late.

It’s not okay to be late.

If you think it’s okay, it means you don’t respect the other party. If you don’t show up on time, it means you don’t respect time, and that means you don’t respect yourself.

Grow up and show up. It’s not that hard.

2) It’s okay to be busy all the time.

No. It’s not.

I get it. You have many things to do. But everybody is busy today. If something or someone means something to you, you’ll make the time and put in the effort.

Trust me, you’ve your entire life ahead of you to be busy, especially after you start work. It’s up to you to make the choice, make some changes and realize that you get to do things that really matter.

3) It’s okay to not reply or return a call

I actually just only recently encountered this phenomenon, that some people out there simply do not check their phones at all simply because “they’re that type of people.”

Yes. Others validated this to me, telling me that it is a normal habit to not want to check one’s phone entirely and effectively disappear for a few days.

I think it’s alright to prioritize your communication habits, but to disappear entirely? Not cool.

A smartphone is meant to make people smart, not stupid.

4) It’s okay get away with anything just because you’re rich or famous

You know it’s true. Rich or famous people are getting away with doing bad things just because of their status.

It’s sad because the average person doesn’t dare to talk back.

5) It’s okay to cheat on your partner

Infidelity, for some reason is extremely common today, even among married couples. It’s so common that research is done on it, particularly on good people who you never thought will cheat.

But cheating, is still cheating.

It’s a horrendous act that hurts people. End of story.

If you aren’t ready to commit to a relationship, then don’t. Be honest and respect your partner. Cheating will never end well and there’ll be consequences.

6) It’s okay to allow bullying

I personally find that not enough is done to curb bullying.

The victim is always told to simply “get over it.”

That’s not enough. We need more education. The bullies must be punished to a certain extent while the victim must be given more encouragement.

7) It’s okay to allow a friend to be toxic and not do a thing about it

This entire article can be encompassed in this point: allowing a friend to be toxic.

Time and time again, I am always told, “He’s like that. Let him be” or “She’s a girl. They get to be unreasonable.

I find that extremely ridiculous.

If someone is doing something wrong, then something needs to be said. Tolerance can only go so far and it’ll only eventually harm others.

Stop accepting ridiculous standards I say. Make a change for yourself and others around you.

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