Power of Memories

A memory can stay with us forever and we visit memories from time and time, often for comfort or joy, or to avoid repetition of past mistakes. The smell, the surroundings, and even the taste of food comes alive in our minds as we visualize events associated with certain memories.

We unconsciously compare everything to past memories or experiences…

Ignorance and the seeker

Beaming information at people through the internet does not appear to have made societies wiser, on the contrary,  as more tweets and information is transmitted through the airways the more ignorance grows.

Humans only learn when they are motivated to better themselves.  When there is no desire to learn it’s counterproductive to expose information to the masses as it is misunderstood or taken out of context, thus creating chaos as we have seen lately.

Perhaps, social media has been more of a hindrance to progress in terms of learning than initially anticipated.

Many read the headlines but a few the news.