5 Things To Give Up Right Now If You Want To Be Happy

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“I just want to be happy”

How many times have you heard someone say those words to you?

Maybe you’ve said them to yourself a few times too.

The truth is: we’re all on this constant search for happiness; however, when we do find it, it’s often short-lived. So why is that something that is so important to us is also so hard to get?

The short answer is that when you try to achieve happiness by obtaining it, it’s often temporary. Far too often, we look for quick fixes that provide temporary moments of joy such as a new car, a bigger house, or our much desired promotion.

What if I told you that you could gain a more permanent state of happiness by giving things up rather than obtaining them?

Giving things up that cause stress, anxiety, feelings of uneasiness and other factors that can contribute to a sense of unhappiness is a key component in creating long term happiness.

Here are five things that you can give up if you want to be happy:

  1. Complaining

Complaining can be an easy way to blow off steam; however, too much of it can be damaging to yourself and those around you. Complaining is one of those behaviors that feeds itself. By constantly talking about how bad things are, you reaffirm your negative beliefs.

While expressing your concerns once in awhile can be viewed as a healthy and therapeutic outlet, a constant display of your frustrations will only fuel your unhappiness and drive others away.

  1. Limiting beliefs

We often assume that happy people never have limiting beliefs – that they’re always happy – and never struggle with their decisions or confidence. The truth is no matter how happy you’re, there will still be moments where you experience thoughts of uncertainty.

The difference is that those that experience happiness often handle their limiting beliefs better than others. Bring awareness to your limited beliefs, embrace them, and use them as an opportunity to grow.

  1. Dwelling on the Past

When you think about past events, chances are they’re not healthy or positive. Negative thoughts are the quickest way to kill your happiness. Dwelling on the past will keep you focusing on the “what ifs” and “how comes.”

Living in the past will not only tamper with your happiness, but also induce feelings of anxiety, depression, and self-doubt. The past, present, and future are all temporary states and should be treated as such. Instead of wondering what could have been, focus on creating the change now.

  1. Blaming Others

Unhappy people find no shame in blaming others when something goes wrong. Instead of taking responsibility for their actions, they point the finger in the opposite direction. They find it difficult to believe that the situation they are in is due to their own choices.

It’s okay to be wrong. In fact, most people find it admiral when you choose to “fall on your sword.” Being able to accept responsibility for your actions is a clear indication that you’re comfortable with however the outcome turns out, which can also be interpreted as a sign of happiness.

  1. Resistance to Change

One of Ben Franklin’s most famous quotes is “Nothing is certain except death and taxes.” Although true, there is one more certainty in life: that’s change. Change is inevitable and being willing to adapt to change is a critical factor in determining your happiness.

People who resist change focus on the problem, not the solution. Instead of embracing change they revolt, which only fuels more negativity – making the situation worse – and making themselves even more unhappy. Life is all about change. The sooner you learn to embrace it, the happier you’ll be.


After overcoming a medical trauma, Gary has been inspiring others to overcome their challenges. For more inspiration and to learn more about his story, visit laughatadversity.com

You’ve read 5 Things To Give Up Right Now If You Want To Be Happy, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you’ve enjoyed this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles.


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The New Brand Loyalty

In the pre-industrial days, people were loyal to whichever brands were of the best quality. Quality things that were built to last were probably a little harder to come by, so when people found something that worked as advertised and lasted as long as you needed it to, that becomes their brand for life.

Then, around the second world war, quality improved across the board. The creativity of assembly lines and marketing departments played a huge role in that development. This is when we started to see things like jingles, contests, and soap operas. Whatever brands could do to safeguard their market share and create loyal customers, they did.

But then, something shifted. People started getting whatever they wanted at the tip of their fingers. Since everything was basically decent quality, people paid much less attention to brands and much more attention to the way those brands conducted business. These days, brand loyalty is evolving into customer loyalty.

Here’s why.

You Can Buy Anything You Want Online At The Lowest Possible Price

loyalty brand

The incentive for buying the same thing every week at the grocery store is gone. Well, you don’t even have to go to the store anymore. Most Americans can get anything they want delivered right to their homes.

This has opened many markets to newcomers. One can easily get his product in front of tons of customers, thanks to the internet.

Business Practices Matter More Than Ever

Customers want to do business with a company that treats its employees well, cares about the environment, and has excellent customer service practices. Many customers say they retract their loyalty much more quickly these days.

With 29 loyalty program memberships per household in the United States, it is clear many are getting burned out on loyalty programs as well. More than half have switched brands in the last year and 23% say they have a negative reaction to being enrolled in another loyalty program.

Customer service and good business practices matter much more than loyalty programs in the present times.

Customer Service Is Your Company’s Secret Sauce

customer loyalty

Millennials are the largest and most diverse generation in American history and they are changing things up. They say that they are still brand loyal and they report using many of the same products as their parents. However, they are more likely to switch brands for reasons of poor customer service and bad business practices. What’s more, their parents are more likely to follow them out the door.

Here are the numbers:

78% of Millennials say brands will need to work harder to earn and keep their loyalty
64% of Millennials say they are more brand loyal than their parents
63% of Millennials report using the same brands as their parents
59% of Millennials are loyal to mobile phone providers
56% of Millennials are loyal to clothing brands
39% of Millennials are loyal to health and beauty products
32% of Millennials will switch brands if the company is revealed to have poor business practices
37% of Millennials will try a new brand when it comes out
38% of Millennials will switch brands because of a personal recommendation

Having good business practices and empowering customer service representatives to make customers happy and staying on the cutting edge of product development are going to be the best ways to keep your customers coming back.

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The New Brand Loyalty Is Customer Loyalty

Customers hold all the cards in this new era of brand loyalty. Because of buying power and access, customers can easily take their business elsewhere. This means that companies have no choice but to give the customers what they want.

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The best companies are the ones that listen to what customers want instead of telling them what they will get. These companies interact with customers online when customers want to interact, instead of constantly pushing out unwanted and uninteresting social media posts. The best brands are constantly improving their products instead of constantly putting out the same old thing. This is very good for consumers who basically have their pick of which companies to do business with based on their own criteria.

Learn more about the new brand loyalty from this infographic.

Brand Loyalty
Source: RaveReviews.org

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