Whooo let the kids out? Whoo whoo whoo! A burrowing owl family…

Whooo let the kids out? Whoo whoo whoo! A burrowing owl family at the Sonny Bono Salton Sea National Wildlife Refuge in California emerges from their artificial burrow. The burrows, dug by volunteers and refuge staff, give the owls a perfect place to raise their families. Photo courtesy of Wendy Miller.


Black swan by RobertAdamec by RobertAdamec

Breaking the sound barrier by EyalCohen by EyalCohen

kamchatka brown bear,
Lake Dvukhyurtochnoye, Kamchatka


Osprey by jnsconstable by jnsconstable

Osprey – Tofino, B.C. Canada


Common Hoopoe by hardik20000 by hardik20000

Common Hoopoe


生きてる、生きてくⅣ by KiyoshiIida by KiyoshiIida

European robin by MartinPerez by MartinPerez

DSC_0057.jpg by malipoglu by malipoglu

Fast and Colorful by thomasconrad by thomasconrad

A pretty fast school of fusiliers passing by.


der Freak by michael-bardt by michael-bardt