There is no winning greater than being able to compromise.


Opportunities don’t fall mysteriously from the sky, opportunities are created by hard work

The BMW Headquarters in Munich, Bavaria, Germany

The BMW Headquarters in Munich, Bavaria, Germany

Politicians and the people

The danger arises when politicians think they know better than the people.

There are racists…

There are racists in every race, there are achievers in every race, there are haters in every race, there are sinners in every race and there are also good people in every race. Before people start preaching and judging others it’s a good idea to look in the mirror.

Ignoring experience

“And maybe you can find an entrepreneurial wunderkind who’s willing to work for less pay. But, more often than not, choosing a candidate with less experience is a detriment, not an advantage, to your business. At my company, I’ve seen it time and time again.” @michaelalter

“It’s much harder to be a liberal than a conservative. Why? Because it is easier to give someone the finger than a helping hand.” Mike Royko



Listen to your intuition, and trust your gut feeling.

Business discount and the working class

Home Depot and other major chains give contractors apparently minimum 50% discount. The working class, of course, is never eligible for a discount, and they always pay full price justifying the contractors discount. Fair?

Change your life?

If you want to change your life start now by going for a walk: Right Now. The point: You change your life by taking action.