Flamingo Tree by frank_delargy by frank_delargy

Dragged myself out of my hotel bed at 3:45 in the morning and drove to the southernmost point in the continental U.S. A. (Flamingo, FL in Everglades N.P.) to get this tree before the sun came up. 85 second exposure. I was hoping to get the early morning milky way but as you can see.. way too cloudy.so only thing to do was use the clouds.


From 4200m by frankxu13 by frankxu13

The Xianuoduoji snow mountain is one of the most famous mountains in Sichuan, China, which hight is 5859m.
This picture was taken in early February, so it’s hard to see the heart of the milky way. It appeared 40mins before the sunrise.
The place where we took the picture is 4200m high so I felt bad because of altitude stress. What an unforgettable experience! ;-P
It took me around 10mins to get the front sence with ISO 500 and then I exposed the sky part with wider aperture and higher ISO(ISO-3200).And I blended them in Photoshop.