The iconic Teacup Rock washed away by Hurricane Fiona.

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Cold Weather by theodikotter by theodikotter

A really “cliché” picture I took while walking in this really cold weather…

Sink hole by Goff_Kitsawad by Goff_Kitsawad

Place … by isola7512 by isola7512

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…Bohinj… by urosdemsar by urosdemsar

The journey of a tousand miles begins with a single step. by Lao Tzu

Winter Sundown by DT-Fotografie by DT-Fotografie

A wonderful and cold evening in the Sauerland, Germany

Flamingo Tree by frank_delargy by frank_delargy

Dragged myself out of my hotel bed at 3:45 in the morning and drove to the southernmost point in the continental U.S. A. (Flamingo, FL in Everglades N.P.) to get this tree before the sun came up. 85 second exposure. I was hoping to get the early morning milky way but as you can see.. way too only thing to do was use the clouds.

Misty wood by creastefano by creastefano

Down stream by rgwphotos by rgwphotos

shot taken at tarr steps on exmoor

Unknown Germany pt. CLXIII by noirlama by noirlama

Meersburg, Germany at sunset.