Racism and the mirror

There are racists in every race, there are achievers in every race, there are haters in every race, there are sinners in every race and there are also good people in every race. Before people start preaching and judging others it’s a good idea to look in the mirror.

Want it?

If you want it, get up and get it!

Breakfast at Belmond Hotel Splendido – Portofino, Italy

Belmond Hotel Splendido - Portofino, Italy

Raising from failure

You’ll raise from a devastating failure if only one soul truly believes in you.

Feeling tired after exploring the markets in Venice? Have a coffee at this informal place by the canal…Simplicity is Beautiful

Have a coffee Venice

Too old?

You are never too old for a job, but some companies are too young to see your worth…


Can you stay quiet for a couple of hours and listen to the client?

Traveling changes everything…

Once you start traveling you’ll discover places at home that you didn’t notice before.

If he says..

If he says he’s the smartest he’s an idiot; if he says he knows it all he’s a fool.

Power of Memories

A memory can stay with us forever and we visit memories from time and time, often for comfort or joy, or to avoid repetition of past mistakes. The smell, the surroundings, and even the taste of food comes alive in our minds as we visualize events associated with certain memories.

We unconsciously compare everything to past memories or experiences…