As China builds its military, manufacturing, education and infrastructure base the country will surpass the U.S as the leading world economy by 2030. “America First” policies are naive. Global trade is the key to growth.

Why is anyone surprised? According to London’s Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) China and India will be fighting for the first place as world’s economic powerhouse in the latter part of this century. Both countries emphasize education and infrastructure as foundation for stability domestically, and these nations generate growth through global trade.

While China’s cornerstone for growth is global trade, the current U.S administration considers “America First” agenda most likely to succeed. America First policies will fail to develop the growth needed as the domestic  market is rabidly becoming saturated in terms of expansion and growth opportunities.

In addition, America needs to provide healthcare for its citizens to be competitive and considerable growth is required to pay for the recent GOP tax cuts.


Trump Has Refused To Implement CIA Plan Ordered By Obama That Was Designed To Deal With Cyber Threat From Russia. Report


Obama ordered spy/intel agencies to plan responses to cyber threats from Russia before leaving office. After 2016 election U.S officials suggested ways to counter Kremlin propaganda machine including options for CIA to “zap,” or neutralize Russian websites. Trump has refused to implement any of those responses. Source; Washington Post