Moulin de Valmy by pinolino by pinolino


Presidential Library Bench by ThomasUttich by ThomasUttich

The garden of the Atlanta “Jimmy Carter Presidential Library” in the late evening sun.
I had this wonderful place nearly for me alone. Due to my traveling schedule this was the only place I could visit in Atlanta, I am happy I choose it.

This photo was made with an old lens from the GDR out of the 60ties: Meyer Görlitz Orestor 2.8 100mm

Platform 4 by LukeGreenwood by LukeGreenwood

taj mahal by GuyLam by GuyLam

Taj Mahal, Agra, India

                       Amazing view of El-Nido Island at…

Ponte Maceira by David_Martinez_Lombardia by David_Martinez_Lombardia

Long exposure at Ponte Maceira, Galicia, Spain

Venetian Twilight by lonny by lonny


Little Italy, NYC by FotoByOliver by FotoByOliver

On the road to the Adda by WildoCagliani74 by WildoCagliani74

Photo taken at Porto d’Adda, in Via XXV Aprile, on the road towards the river Adda and the electrical plant “Esterle” (opened in 1914).

Germany vs England by Terra70 by Terra70