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Easter in Murcia. Spain. 2014

Silence Procesion on Holy Thursday.
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About Murcia: The city of Murcia is situated in the South East of the Iberian Peninsula. It’s the capital of the Autonomous Community of the same name, that, with an area of 11,317 km2, is, the largest autonomous community of only one province in Spain.

The metropolitan area of Murcia spreads over 881 km2 and it is made up of the capital city and 54 towns and villages. It consists the urban quarters, including the downtown centre of 3 km. in diameter, its old quarters of 1.5 km. in diameter, and the 54 administrative districts of the Murcia City government, which encompass half of the population in the municipality.

Geographically it’s divided into two very different areas: the Huerta, wich spreads along the banks of the river Segura and the countryside, dry land situated to the Northwest, Northeast and South of the region. The average height above the sea level is about 43 metres.

Murcia is an open and dynamic city with a privileged situation in the Mediterranean, making it very attractive for congresses and cultural activities.

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Lantern Release by Farangprod by Farangprod

Pendant la fête de loy Krathong, qui a lieu tous les ans à la période de la pleine lune de novembre, a aussi lieu le Yee Peng. le yee Peng est un immense laché de lanternes en papiers qui s’élèvent dans le ciel grâce à l’air chaud produit par la combustion d’un anneau de cire, telles des mongolfières. Les moines ouvrent les 3 jours de festivité par ce laché de lanternes.