The latest anonymous chatting app is both harrowing and intriguing


My first conversation on Kindly – a new, anonymous chatting app where strangers can seek emotional support — didn’t go so well. I volunteered to be a listener and I was matched with a teenager from the United States. He or she (gender wasn’t revealed) told me their aunt — who they live with — was making sexual advances. “If I please her do you think she will let go of me?” The person asked me.

I stared at my phone slack-jawed. How to respond to a question like that? I’m not a therapist and I certainly don’t have professional training. It was possible the stranger I was chatting with was lying, spinning an elaborate ruse for fun, but I had no way of knowing. If their predicament was real, I was in no position to offer advice. It was the most memorable and worrisome experience I’ve had yet with a…

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