Tea composition with tea strainer on dark background Photograph by klenova klenova. NOTE FROM THIS WEBSITE: This photograph is from 500PX unless otherwise stated. The photograph/image is transmitted via IFTT and all mandatory fields have been completed and inserted, on best effort basis, including username and description of the photograph/image as per the information supplied when the photograph/image was downloaded through 500PX and as required by IFTT. This photograph/picture is used here for non-commercial purposes only. We respect the work of photographers and we are glad to promote their work on this site absolutely free. If you are a photographer or an artist or a writer, and if you like us to help you promote your work, please write to us at nordaminv@gmail.com and write “Photography/Art” in the subject line. We are happy to discuss how we can help you through our social media channels and marketing experience to get more exposure for your work. We reserve the right to reject any photographs or artwork which we feel it is inappropriate.

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