This dude’s freestyle movie is rad

THIS FILM IS FOUR MINUTES OF PURE JOY. As French filmmaker Guillaume Blanchet practices his keepie uppies in the world’s most beautiful places, it’s impossible not to smile.

Shot with a GoPro Hero2, the short has been doing insanely well at film festivals around the world. We can see why. Blanchet says of Bounce, “For two years now, I’ve been lucky enough to travel with my best friends to Canada, France, Greece, the USA and Morocco, always bringing a ball in my suitcase. Along this great journey, we have come to witness the universality of football as we discovered new places, and new people.”

A celebration of the greatest game of all, the original soundtrack, “Let’s Bounce” is by Etienne Gaudreau, and it’s just about the happiest thing you’ll hear all day. Enjoy.

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