10 New Ways to Make Money Online

As you know I have been making money online for the last 9 years, some years successfully other years not so much.  However in September of 2012 I was able to give up my full time job as an addiction worker, working with people with alcohol and drug issues, to go full time online.

Since then I have never looked back and the business has grown from strength to strength with last years sales at $128,000 and this year I want to double that.  That includes income from all income streams from products, google adsense, affiliate commissions, solo ads, services, membership sites etc.


I truly believe that anyone with a huge dollop of determination and a passion to help others can make money online, but there are a few things required to do this:

  • Determination
  • The right mindset
  • Belief
  • A plan
  • A willingness to learn

When you have all of the above I think anyone can make it.  One of the most important is the willingness to learn as there is a huge learning curve involved in making products and the subsequent marketing of those products.  Buy courses to help speed up the learning curve and attending masterminds or seminars can be a huge help and is one of the things that got me from $10k per year in sales to $100k per year in sales.  One of the courses I would recommend is Anik Singal’s course Profit Academy (affiliate link), but there are many great courses out there, so have a look around and search for reviews on the products you’re thinking about buying.

Here are 10 New Ways to make Money Online

1. Independent publishing

The traditional world of publishing has almost gone forever.  No longer do authors have to accept poultry royalties from their publishing house.  The biggest ebook self-publishing platform is Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) program. If you upload your manuscript to KDP, it will appear for sale on Amazon.com, where readers can download it to their Kindles. KDP is free to use, and KDP authors keep up to 70% of revenue from the sales of their books. Similar self-publishing services are offered by Barnes & Noble (through Nook Press), Apple (through iTunes Connect) and others, but Amazon’s is one of the most widely available platforms and is easy to use.

2. Selling a product

If you have an idea for a product and you can write, or record video or make an mp3 you can have a quality product set up ready for sale on your website or blog.  This includes ebooks, downloadable mp3s, software, memberships sites, and selling your teaching.  One of the products that set me on the path of becoming an online entrepreneur was an ebook called Advanced Early Riser

This one ebook has brought in sales of over $15,000 over the last few years, and it gave me the confidence to go on to do bigger things.

3. Selling your services

If you have a particular skill such as being a prolific writer, good at admin work, life coaching, programming, web design and a host of other talents, you can sell your services online for an hourly rate.  Places such as elance.com, odesk.com, freelancer.com, fiverr.com are good places to start looking to see what is available.

4. Your blog with adsense

This is how I got started online and is one of the best ways to monetise your passion.  If you have something you really care about and have a lot to say on the subject you can start a blog.  It’s almost impossible to think of a topic that you couldn’t blog about and for you to become an authority in your niche.

I have seen blogs on knitting, on scrap collecting, baseball cards, book collecting, anything you have a passion for I am guessing you can write about it and make money form it using the likes of google adsense, or placing ads on your site.  You might think you’re only paid a pittance from adsense, but if you become an authority you can earn some good money.  At the moment this blog and another blog of mine http://ift.tt/1FccJ6I brings in around $6000 per month, that’s $72,000 per year passive income.

On the back of this, if you stick at building your blog, there are huge opportunities for interviews, speaking at seminars, running your own workshops, and of course making your own products.

5. Advertising

Advertising on your website is a good way to bring in money from your site, but I would start your own advertising program instead of letting a company take half your earnings.  There’s a host of great plugins to help you manage your advertising program, but it’s best to do a search for an updated list.

6. Membership sites

There’s nothing better than running a membership site which has the beauty of giving you recurring income.  If you have a subject that a lot of people need and want to know more about, and your niche is constantly being updated you can run a membership site to satisfy the hunger of your crowd.

7. Selling solo ads

You can make a lot of money selling solo ads, which is basically advertising a free or paid product to your email list.  The thing to do here is make sure all the products you are promoting are quality and not just any old crap, as it can be tempting to take the money and just send out anything to your list.  remember your reputation is on the line as well.

If you are going to do this it is best to build a list which is separate from your regular readers e.g. your blog subscribers.

I have to admit to falling foul of this and have sent out a lot of emails to all of my lists instead of limiting it to just a list for people who want free stuff.

8. Become a teacher

If you are great at teaching a particular topic sites such as udemy.com can be great for beginners to make money online, indeed there are some full time udemy teachers out there who make a lot of money on the site.  I have tested Udemy, but not in any great depth, but know a few good friends who make a regular income from sites like this.

9. Affiliate marketing

If you find a great product that you like and it aligns with your niche you can start to promote it by placing ads on your site, or to your email list.  If you are regularly promoting one product and champion it, becoming a raving fan, you might actually get better affiliate commissions because of it.

10. Becoming a virtual assistant

A lot of people are now making money online by becoming virtual assistants.  I have a great assistant who helps me with a whole host of things online and she is brilliant.  The beauty of this is you can become a virtual assistant and work around your home schedule, or even use it as part time income if you have another job.  It’s quite difficult to find really good virtual assistants, so being good at what you do and really treating it like a business will help you stand out from the crowd.

A great place to learn about this for hiring and becoming a virtual assistant is Virtualstafffinder.com run by a great guy Chris Ducker.  Chris has taken the hassle out of the whole process and goes into detail about the ins and outs of hiring a VA.

I hope this gives you some ideas about how to make money online and the potential earnings that can be made.  If you are looking for inspiration there is a great site by Jonny Nastor called HackTheEntrepreneur where Jonny interviews some great entrepreneurs.

I truly believe the world is changing and we no longer need employers, and poor working conditions.  I think we are seeing a major shift and there is an entrepreneurial revolution taking place right now, and you can be a part of the revolution.

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5 Ways You Create Your Overwhelm (That’s Right, It’s Your Fault)

5 Ways You Create Your Overwhelm (Yes, It's Your Fault!)

build self esteem

So how are you? No, let me guess.

You’re crazy-busy. Overwhelmed by your ‘to-do’ list, overburdened by demands, and overtired from racing around trying to get everything done.

You keep thinking you just have to work smarter, and maybe put in a bit more effort, and you’ll get over the ‘hump’.

Then things will get back to normal.

But you’ve been trying to get over the hump for months.

You like being busy, but this is ridiculous.

The sheer volume of information and demands is, well, overwhelming.

You’re too busy and overwhelmed to work out how to get yourself out of this mess.

Sounds like your life is one big, crazy, endless cycle of demands.

Your life is too precious for you to be stuck in this vortex.

Let’s face it, being constantly overwhelmed sucks. Big time.

But here’s the thing that no one will tell you. You could be contributing to the problem.

That’s right. This situation could be down to you.

1.  You’ve Become A Go-To Person

Go-To people are great, but you don’t want to be one.

Go-To people take responsibility seriously. They have high standards, want to do the right thing, and want to get things done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

If you’re a Go-To person, people know that no matter how busy you are, you won’t let them down. You’ll get the thing done.

Unfortunately, your reputation is keeping you busy. It’s keeping extra tasks and extra responsibilities coming in the door.

And part of you feeds on it. You feel important because people need you, and you’re efficient.

But you’re drowning in responsibilities, so you have stop this. Now.

I know your standards are high, and you’re concerned that other people won’t do things as well. But they deserve the opportunity to try.

Instead of doing things for others, offer to show them how to do them themselves. Sure, it will take longer in the short term, but they’ll become more self-sufficient, and soon there will be less for you to do.

2.  You Fall For False Hustle

Do you ever find yourself thinking, “I was really busy today, but I don’t seem to have achieved a lot”?

We all have days like that, but if they’re happening frequently you could be experiencing False Hustle.

Maybe you’re trying to keep your in-tray clear, you’re trying to answer all your emails, or you’re devoted to other time consuming, but ultimately fruitless tasks.

Maybe you receive requests for lots for urgent tasks each day.

Whatever the reason, you have to limit your time on these small tasks, or you’ll lose your whole day doing them.

The key is to spend most of your day on things that are important. Important to you, or important to the work of your team, or important to the organization.

Even with small, quick, “It will only take 5 minutes to finish” tasks, you should ask yourself whether they’re important. The answer may be ‘yes’ to a few of them, but anything you can put a ‘no’ next to, reduces your workload.

If you’re not sure whether something is important, ask yourself if anyone has committed to it.

If you’ve committed to be at your daughter’s athletics carnival, then that’s important.

If you or your team have committed to producing results in a certain area, then it’s important.

If no one has committed to the action, then it’s probably not important.

By focusing most on important tasks, you’re being strategic, and working smarter.

Remember: an empty In-Tray is a thing of the past.

3.  You Take On Too Much

You’re interested in everything, and you love to please.

Whether it’s at work, or at home, you love being involved.

If the local community want you to deliver neighbourhood newsletters, or your boss wants to start a new project, you’re there.

If the school wants your help fundraising, they can rely on you.

But I have to ask you, are you thinking straight? How often do you consider your availability before you jump in so enthusiastically?

Right now you should not be saying ‘yes’ to anything else.

Start flexing that ‘no’ muscle so you can get your life back in control. If ‘no’ is too hard, you can try something softer like, “I’d like to help, but I don’t have time right now”.

Once you’ve tried it once, I guarantee you’ll love the power that comes from having control over your life.

That in itself will make you happier.

4.  You’re Too Busy To Plan

You ‘don’t have time’ to file, or organise, or plan. You’re too busy, so you just jump in and start doing things.

You’re a person of action, and you’re great at getting the ball rolling.

But you spend a lot of time searching for things, because you’re not organised. And you sometimes waste time doing things in the wrong order, or worse still, doing things that don’t need doing.

So later on, you incur delays because you weren’t efficient.

You need to take the time to get organised. You must discipline yourself to store important files, and plan your work.

If you don’t you, end up looking like a hamster, running on a wheel. You’re using a lot of energy, but ultimately making no progress.

And you’ll get burnt out doing it.

5.  You Live In The Future

You’re overwhelmed by what’s coming. You’re not sure if you’re going to be able to handle the enormity of the task or project, when it comes to fruition.

You’re not sure if you should start a thing, because you’re scared of what it might become.

The trick is not to think about tomorrow, just focus on what you can achieve today.

So, let’s say you decide you want to run a marathon, but then you start to feel daunted by the amount of training involved.

You worry about your knees, and your back, and your asthma. You start getting all freaked out “because-it’s-so-much-work-how-will-I-ever-get-there …..”.

It’s overwhelming. So you wonder if you should stop, before you ever really got started.

Instead, you need to think, “Right now I don’t have to run a marathon. Right now I just need to be able to walk around the block without getting puffed out.”

You need to focus on the immediate, small steps (pardon the pun) that you need to take now. The small steps that you CAN achieve.

Focus on the piece of the project that you can achieve now, and have faith that you’ll be ready for each step as it arrives.

The Harsh Reality of Overwhelm

The truth is that we all deal with overwhelm every day. It’s just a matter of HOW you deal with.

Do you let it suck you into the vortex of trying to get it all done, or are you strategic?

I’m guessing you’re strategic.

So here’s how to think about your life, and all the stuff you’re trying to cram into it.

It’s a smorgasbord, or a buffet.

There are endless options and possibilities, all laid out, begging to be chosen. All the demands of the workplace are there, along with the demands of your family and home life.

You dreams and aspirations are there as well.

Now, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but most people are not great at selecting from a smorgasbord.

Everything looks so enticing that they overfill their plate, and then they overfill their bellies.

They make themselves uncomfortable by gorging, and they create a lot of waste.

They don’t make sensible decisions, and when they’re done, they regret their choices.

You’re cleverer than that.

You won’t allow the buffet to overwhelm you.

You can take the best of what’s on offer, and pace yourself.

You can select the most important options from the work demands, and the richest and most enjoyable selections from your family and home life.

You won’t overfill your plate, and you won’t allow yourself to become uncomfortable.

Because you’re here to enjoy yourself.

And you know that you can always go back for a little more.


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