The 7 Side Effects of Overtraining Syndrome

The 21st century is the Golden Age of Exercise. Never before has there been such a keen fixation with being fit. People go crazy over yoga, spin class, the treadmill, the elliptical, and the good old jogging/running.

While the significance of exercise can’t be over-emphasized, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Research has shown that overtraining syndrome or engaging in too much exercise does indeed have significant side effects.


Too much exercise puts those who exercise for more than two hours at risk of getting Multiple Sclerosis (MS). According to the Alimentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics Sports Journal, too much stress on the body, such as engaging in strenuous exercises, can actually cause the Leaky Gut Syndrome.

It weakens the lining of the gut, leading to the entry of germs into the bloodstream. This poisoning is a major cause of MS and a host of other illnesses.

Multiple Sclerosis has been known to bind people to wheelchairs for the rest of their lives and it would be somehow ironic to lose your mobility because you couldn’t keep your legs off the treadmill.

Abnormal heart rhythm

Another side effect of overtraining syndrome is the occurrence of arrhythmia or abnormal heart rhythms. Research suggests that excessive endurance exercises can cause changes in the heart muscles. These changes expose athletes to arrhythmia that increases the risk of cardiac death.

This is a sharp warning to those who self-righteously think that only smokers and drug addicts are at risk of arrhythmia. If your resting heart rate has increased by more than five beats per minute, you might want to pick the sofa over the treadmill. Your heart will thank you for it.

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Weak immune system

It is a well-known fact that exercise makes one stronger. However, too much exercise does the opposite.

During exercise, a hormone called cortisone is produced. This hormone is essentially beneficial to athletes as it decreases swelling, stimulates gluconeogenesis, and increases the breakdown of protein in the liver. Unfortunately, it’s also immunosuppressive, which means that it can make athletes more prone to getting sick because of a weakened immune system

Weak bones

bone pain

Research suggests that overproduction of cortisol interferes with bone building.

When the hormone is in the bloodstream, there is more bone tissue being broken down than being deposited. This explains why people who are over-exerting themselves are more at risk of getting fractures. Moreover, as bone density decreases, conditions such as arthritis and osteoporosis are more likely to happen.

Ill mental health

Exercising has been known to release the feel-good hormone dopamine. It’s one of the reasons why athletes keep going back to the gym.

Overtraining, on the other hand, has the opposite effect. It releases the same biochemical markers as those diagnosed with clinical depression. In addition to that, athletes who overtrain can also experience apathy, irritation, and hostility, which are similar symptoms of clinically depressed people.

Sleep disorders

sleep disorders

Too much exercise can also affect a person’s sleeping habits. People who overtrain experience insomnia at night. They may also find themselves extremely tired during the day and feel sleepy. This can definitely affect your productivity at work.

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Eating disorders

Less common but equally troubling is the effect of overtraining on people’s eating habits.

Most people exercise as a way to lose weight. And while normal exercise routines do deliver intended results, those that overtrain become prone to eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia. One good reason is the false belief of people that consuming food would only get in the way of them achieving the body they want.


While health and fitness remain key reasons why many choose to exercise, the biggest reason is still aesthetics. With images of toned arms, firm thighs, sculpted calves, and rock-hard abs continue to be in demand, who wouldn’t feel motivated to exercise?

For as long as the standards of beauty are this high, people will continue to get their sweat on. It is important, however, to keep track of how much pressure we are putting on our bodies so that we can avoid the side effects listed above.

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How To Avoid Burnout At Your Job

Stress that builds over time can lead to burn out. Once you have it, you’ll have a hard time doing your best at work and this can affect your productivity. Apart from that, burnout can also cause a lot of health problems.

Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to prevent and recover from burnout. We’ll get to that in a bit but first, let’s talk about the signs first.

What Are The Signs Of Burnout?

When you feel like your job doesn’t matter or when you are constantly feeling frustrated, you might be starting to get burned out. Job stress can build over time and if you don’t deal with it as it comes, you run the risk of ending up in a really bad place.

Some of the most common signs of burnout include:

  • Being overly cynical or critical
  • Forcing yourself to get back on task
  • Trying to find the motivation to go to work
  • Being short-tempered with your colleagues
  • Experiencing a drastic shift in your eating or drinking habits
  • Not being thankful for your job

Stress builds over time and can overwhelm you if you aren’t careful. Little things can seem like huge things if you let them build. This stress can creep into your personal life and start to affect your health over time.

Who Gets Burnout The Most?

job burnout

People working in high-stress jobs are more prone to experiencing burnout than other people. The list includes:

  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Teachers
  • Social workers
  • School leaders
  • Attorneys
  • Police officers and other law enforcers
  • Public accountant
  • People working in fast food

Anyone who deals with the public on a regular basis is prone to being abused for no good reason. Think of the people at your local burger restaurant getting yelled at for things that are completely out of their control. The same is true for teachers who have to deal with kids who are having problems at home and doctors and nurses who deal with sick and dying people on a regular basis.

All that stress can build up and lead to serious problems.

How Can Burnout Affect Your Life

heart attack

When you don’t deal with your stress, it will build and eventually boil over. It can also lead to serious long-term health consequences such as:

  • Heart disease
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Diabetes
  • Anxiety

You know how sometimes you will have a bad day and a minor annoyance will set you over the edge? That’s what happens when you don’t deal with chronic burnout. Eventually, it will manifest itself in more serious ways.

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How to Avoid Burnout

Taking time to take care of yourself is important when you are starting to get burned out. When you notice the signs, it’s time to act. Don’t wait until your health suffers from stress before you make changes in your habit.

Some of the most useful and effective ways to deal with building stress include:

  • Unplug and take a break from the digital world
  • Delegate tasks whenever possible
  • Get regular exercise
  • Make sure you are sleeping a full 7 to 8 hours a night
  • Meditate or do relaxation breathing

Taking time out to do a few little things to relieve your stress can make all the difference. Addressing your stressors head on can prevent them from building up and leading you to more serious problems.

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When you are ready to confront your burnout, you are ready to change your life for the better. Some people never learn how to deal with their stress and it often ends up costing them dearly. You have the power to prevent stress at work from taking over your life and ruining your health. Learn more about dealing with your stress before it burns you out completely from this infographic!

Burnout Recovery
Source: Best Medical Degrees

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The Importance of Meeting The Boss Regularly

Everyone knows that effective communication is absolutely necessary to make a relationship successful. Marriages fail every day due to a breakdown in communication between spouses. Professional relationships in the workplace fail for the same reason.

Misunderstandings and differences of opinion can turn into distrust between an employee and the boss. Once that happens, the workflow gets disrupted and the success of the business gets compromised. To prevent any of those things from happening, both parties need to recognize the importance of meetings.

When Meeting Regularly with the Boss is Not an Option

For a lot of employees, having a one-on-one meeting with their boss may not always be possible. This can be due to their demanding schedules and other specific deadlines that they have to meet. For some employees who are located in another office or work site, meeting with their boss regularly isn’t a practical option.

Despite those conditions, meeting with the boss should still be a priority. It’s one of the most effective means for keeping the boss updated.

If you’re one of those employees who work far from the main office or your boss is frequently away, you can turn to technology. The internet provides a lot of means to have a meeting even if the parties are not physically together. You can use your computer or your mobile phone to communicate with your boss regularly.

Things to Communicate to Your Boss

one on one meetings

To keep the boss in the loop of how things are progressing in an organization, it is advisable to keep the lines of communication open on a regular basis. One way to accomplish this is to have a regular or weekly meeting with the boss.

Some of the things to be discussed at the meeting would be:

Status of projects

It is always important to keep the boss updated on the progress of his projects. Provide regular updates and be prepared to have a full report instead of waiting to be asked for it.

Goals and objectives

The boss will want to know how well you are keeping up with your team’s goals and objectives. Meeting with the boss on a regular basis will keep him/her updated on how things are progressing and what goals and objectives are yet to be met. While written reports outline the details of your progress, being able to discuss and explain the report is much more effective.

Personal goals

A good boss will want to keep employees motivated. Therefore, he/she will want to know more about the goals or personal ambitions of the employees. These things are best discussed in a one-on-one meeting.

Ongoing issues

Most bosses prefer hearing about issues as they happen and what is being done to address them. A regular meeting with the boss can provide the necessary updates regarding those issues.

Projection of possible issues down the road

Since no boss likes being caught off-guard with bad news, your boss will want to know any potential challenges that could pop up in the near future. So, regularly communicate any negative issues concerning his employees and what things can be done to address them.

Responses to last meetings

It sounds like common sense, but employees often get so wrapped up in their day-to-day issues that they forget to address issues that were discussed at their last meeting with the boss.

Read your notes and review them from time to time. This way, you’ll have an answer to your boss in case he asks related questions on your next meeting.

Wants and needs

The boss will not know what tools, resources or training you need to be successful unless you tell him. He’ll likely assume that all is well unless he hears otherwise. If you have any request or demand, don’t hesitate to communicate it during the meeting.

Updates on schedule for upcoming vacations

It is prudent to always compare schedules with the boss to know when the boss will be going on vacation and when an employee will be out of the office as well.

Input for strategic plan of the organization

Meeting with the boss can be a great opportunity to share thoughts and ideas about what’s happening in the workplace. It’s also a good chance to alert the boss about the things that can hinder the business’ success. Honest, frank discussions where ideas can be exchanged between the boss and the employees can help in the achievement of the organization’s goals.

Building Trust

meeting importance

Regular meetings establish trust, mutual respect, and care. And the more often these meetings occur, the less anxiety employees will have when sharing honest information concerning the boss and the business. The boss, on the other hand, will find it easier to rely on his employees, knowing that they are doing their best in their job.

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How To Enjoy Traveling Solo

“But, don’t you get lonely traveling solo?”

This is a very common question for a lot of people who have jumped on a plane or a train and set off on their own little adventures. After all, spending anything from a week to a month away from a familiar environment and without the people you know can be a little more than nerve-wracking.

Even on our best days, the thought of traveling solo either for a break or to start a life elsewhere can be daunting. However, traveling alone has some significant benefits, like pushing you outside of your comfort zone.

Now, before you go ahead and fulfill your dreams, take a look at our tips on how to enjoy traveling solo. This list can help make sure you get the most out of your next trip.

Stay In A Suitable Place

If you’re new and nervous about traveling solo, booking in at the best hotel you can comfortably afford is probably the best bet. While you may want to save money on accommodation and put your hard-earned money towards unforgettable experiences, in order to enjoy traveling solo, you need to prioritize your comfort.

If you can, try and find a hotel with a bar on site or close enough to walk to and restaurants you’ll be happy to go alone. This way, you won’t feel disconnected from the world.

The Room

Once you have found a suitable place to stay, politely request a room that suits your needs. For some, a room away from the noise of the elevator is the best while others prefer staying in a room with a magnificent view. No matter what your needs might be, don’t be afraid to ask for them.

And if you’re unhappy with the room you have been given when you arrive, speak up and politely request to move to another one. After all, this is your traveling experience. You should do what you need to do to be comfortable and enjoy yourself.

Splurge On One Adventure

solo travelling adventures

If you don’t have the budget to do everything you want to do when traveling solo, then try and make sure to splurge on at least one adventure.

For example, if bungee jumping off the Air Boingo Tower in Dallas, Texas doesn’t appeal to you, why not try dining in a fancy restaurant with a glass of bubbly instead?

Don’t feel embarrassed about experiencing things alone. That’s exactly one of the great things about traveling solo.

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Plan Your Days In Advance

Plan your days in advance to avoid spending unnecessary time wondering where you should go or what you’ll do on your vacation. Now, although planning everything can help make your trip go smoother, you should still be open to other opportunities.

Spontaneity can help make traveling solo a lot more exciting. Don’t forget to indulge yourself in all the glorious treats your destination has to offer.

Ask People To Take Photographs

solo travelling tips

One of the big downsides to traveling alone is that you have no one to take pictures of you. Photographs can serve as reminders of your adventures so don’t be afraid to ask other people to take your pictures. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a collection of awkwardly-angled selfies!

Remember that there is always the risk of strangers fleeing with your camera. Consider your safety first so you don’t end up with regrets.

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A Quick Guide on How to Clean Up Blood Spills Properly

Blood is one of those substances that are tricky to clean up. It can seep through porous materials, bind to anything it comes in contact with and stain fabrics and surfaces. Apart from those things, you also have to worry about the things you can’t really see.

Blood can carry disease-causing microorganisms that can put everyone in danger. Because of this, it’s only essential that you know exactly how to clean up blood.

Blood Spill on a Non-Carpeted Floor

blood spill on non carpet
Via brooksremediation

The most common place for a blood spill to occur is on a non-carpeted, hard surface. The list includes cement, wood, metal, linoleum, vinyl, ceramic, and tile. It can also happen to any type of non-absorbent flooring, like a pool deck.

It is easier to clean up blood as well as other types of body fluids from those surfaces compared to absorbent surfaces. However, there are still some important steps that you need to take into consideration.

A spill on a hard surface will frequently spread over a larger area, so the spill needs to be contained right away. The following are the procedures that should be taken for cleaning spills up on those surfaces:

  • Block the area off until the disinfection and cleanup process have been completed. No one should be allowed to access the area, particularly unprotected staff members or visitors.
  • Put disposable gloves on.
  • Wipe the spill as much as you can with an absorbent material, such as a paper towel.
  • Pour a bleach solution (9 parts water to 1 part bleach) to all contaminated areas.
  • Allow the bleach solution to soak those areas for around 20 minutes before wiping off any remaining bleach solution.
  • All non-disposable cleaning materials, like rags, brushes, and mops, should be disinfected by saturating them with a bleach solution and then letting them air dry.
  • Take your gloves off and put them and any other dirty cleaning materials into a garbage bag.
  • Double bag and tie the garbage bags securely.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly with water and soap.

Blood Spill on a Carpeted Floor

blood spill on carpet
Via aftermath

Due to its absorbent nature, a blood spill on a carpeted floor is one of the hardest to clean up. Most buildings have at least some carpeting which is why it’s essential to know how to clean up blood on such surface.

Since there is no way for you to completely disinfect your carpet, you need to know how you can thoroughly sanitize it as much as you can. Here’s how you can do that:

Work Fast: Blood and other body fluids can quickly set or harden on carpeting and that can make them harder to clean. So, respond fast and make sure that all safety precautions are followed.

Use The Right Products: Bleach and other types of decontamination products may destroy or damage carpets. Using manufacturer-approved carpet cleaners and shampoos is the best way to get the contaminated areas clean.

Steam Clean: Depending on the size and nature of the spill, it is recommended to steam clean the carpet. A steam cleaner can clean, sanitize, and remove debris from carpets more thoroughly than conventional washing can. Although there are added expenses with steam cleaning, it’s the best way of preventing blood-borne pathogens.

Now that we got those things out of the way, here’s how you can clean blood from carpets.

  • Put Disposable Gloves On: No matter what kind of surface you are cleaning, you should first put on gloves.
  • Contain the Spill: Following a spill, it is critical to keep the affected area as contained as possible to prevent it from spreading further.
  • Initial Disinfect: After the area has been contained, spray it with the proper carpet detergent to help kill pathogens.
  • Blot Excess Fluids Up: Use disposable rags or towels to blot as much excess fluids as possible. Then, secure your soiled rags by placing them in a sealed bag.
  • Extract Any Absorbed Fluids: Carpet does absorb some fluid so the next step is to remove it. Use a wet-dry vacuum and wet the carpet thoroughly before applying suction. Repeat the process as necessary.
  • Re-disinfect: After you have vacuumed, re-saturate the area thoroughly using the right disinfectant. Repeat this step twice.
  • Let Sit: Let the disinfectant sit and work for around 20 minutes.
  • Rinse: After completing the final disinfecting round, rinse the area a final time so that any remaining disinfecting solution or detergent is removed.
  • Dry: Thoroughly dry the area with rags so that any remaining moisture is drawn out.
  • Wrap: Once the area is clean, secure all your PPE and rags in a bag.

Blood Spill on Furniture

The material of your furniture will determine the method you can use to clean up a blood spill.

For example, if you have an upholstered furniture, you need to treat the affected spots like you would treat a blood spill on a carpet. You have to disinfect it, allow the disinfectant to sit for a couple of minutes, and then wipe everything off.

However, if you have a piece of fabric covering your furniture, the best thing to do is take the fabric off and wash it on a warm wash cycle using the right detergent. Check your furniture for any stains that may also need to be cleaned.

Outdoor Blood Spills

Cleaning blood spills from grass or dirt is much more difficult than cleaning stains from your furniture at home. One good reason is its accessibility. Anyone can get into the contaminated area, so you have to work fast and be strategic in cleaning up.

You can begin by blocking the affected area off. Make sure that no children can get near the contaminated area until you are done cleaning and disinfecting it. If there are children playing nearby, find another spot for them.

In disinfecting the area, make sure to disinfect as thoroughly as possible. You can use a bleach and rinse it thoroughly with water after. Remember to wear the right PPE when cleaning up.

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Startups That Help Build Your Dream Home Without The Stress

Setting up your own space from scratch is much like staring at an empty canvas. It represents endless possibilities. You can choose from different mediums, strokes, colors, and emotions to illustrate on your canvas. This makes the task of creating a home atmosphere extremely daunting, particularly for those who are just starting up.

If you are someone who is looking to move into a new space and are not sure where to start, here are a few startups in the industry that can help build your dream home.



BuzzBuzzHome is an online real estate database for new residential developments. It is North America’s largest search portal for new homes. Their focus is on providing a tool for buyers to connect directly and collaborate with industry experts.

Through their online portal, you can communicate directly with developers to inquire about new developments. You can also follow people and see how their projects are coming along.

Their site is a wiki-powered collaboration which allows users to update projects and for anyone to post questions or give answers. If you’re looking to see new or future developments in your area or somewhere you’re moving to, BuzzBuzzhome is a great place to start.



Furnishr is a startup that can make creating your dream space a lot easier and cheaper. Their business allows them to create a design based on questions formulated for their designers to meet your aesthetic needs.

You will receive a few custom furniture packages which you can choose from. Once you are done selecting, they will deliver and set up your space with the pieces of furniture you picked.

This can save you a lot of time and money. They estimate that they can save you up to 20% in total when you factor in the potential costs of delivery and setup services. Buying your furniture as a package and not as individual items greatly cuts the cost, too.

If you find the task of getting your dream home turning into a nightmare, check out Furnishr.


Via AngelList

AptDeco is an online service which helps you buy and sell used furniture. If you’re looking for that perfect piece but can’t find anything new and within your budget, it is definitely worth checking out.

You can browse from thousands of furniture pieces based on category, brand, room or collection and choose the ones you like. After you’ve made your pick, they will deliver those items to you on a date that works for you.

They have all the best brands available at a significantly lower cost. If you want a designer chair without the expensive price tag, this used furniture marketplace might be the place for you. You can also sell your used furniture for a pretty penny as well!


handy app
Via TechCrunch

Apart from choosing a furniture, you also have to worry about moving it. This is where Handy fits in.

It’s an app that brings you handyman services from pre-screened independent service professionals. They can help you with home cleaning or furniture assembly. They really take the backache out of just about any and all household work. All you have to do is book a service professional and they will come to your home and perform the required services.

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A Quick Guide On How To Choose A Website Name

Whether you are starting a new business or you already have a brand and want to create an online presence, you are going to need a website and a good domain name for it. But, do you know how to choose a website name?

After launching your website with responsive WordPress themes, like Genesis or TemplateMonster, you should think about your brand name. Naming a website is not a small fit. In fact, it is an extremely important decision.

Domain names have a huge impact on the success of your business. It can influence click-through rates, referring links, type-in traffic, online advertising, and brandability.

Another thing you have to keep in mind is this: Changing a name, later on, is a huge hassle that is sure to hurt your brand and search rankings. So, you have to choose the perfect name from the very start.

You might have some name ideas already, but is there something important you have to keep in mind when registering the name? Are there things to avoid? What name is sure to make the most impact on the web?

In this article, we will answer these questions, share some useful tools, and essential tips to help you choose the best domain name for your business and finally register it.

You Want a Brandable Name

You want your domain name to sound like a brand name.


Well, do you really want to end up with a name that is generic, indistinguishable, easy to forget, and not related to your business? If you want to be successful, choose a website name that is memorable, unique, and stands out.

You Want to Avoid Numbers and Hyphens

Hyphens and numbers in domain names look and sound generic and strange. They definitely do not make good brandable names. They are also often misunderstood.

For example, if you hear a website address with a number in it, you won’t easily know if it’s a numeral (3) or if it is spelled out (three).

And hyphens are easy to forget or misplace.

If you choose a domain name with a hyphen because the one without a hyphen is already taken, you will end up sending your potential customers straight to the competitor. Hyphens are also often used in spam domains and you definitely don’t want to be associated with those.

You Want to Avoid Doubled Letters

Domain names with doubled letters in them have more chances to lose traffic to typos and misspellings.

You Want It Short

When it comes to domain names, the general rule is this: the shorter, the better.

The shorter the name is, the easier it is to remember, type in, pronounce, and share with others. It is also less shortened on social media and search results, which is good for branding.

You Want It Pronounceable

While it is true that most people will type your domain name in or even click a link, psychology makes it important for the name to be pronounceable.

People are more likely to remember and have positive associations with things they can easily say or think about, including pronouncing it in their minds. If the domain name cannot be easily said out loud, the domain is more likely to lose a lot in terms of memorability and brandability.

You Want It Easy to Type

A name that is easy to type is critical to your success online. Words like “u” instead of “you” and words with multiple spellings are easy to forget, misspell and mix up. They can make you lose lots of leads and traffic.

You Want It Intuitive

A well-chosen domain name gives people a clear idea of what the website is all about. If the name of your choice tells people that your business is producing exactly what it is producing or offering exactly what it is offering, then you’ve won big time.

You Want to Avoid Trademark Violation

Try to avoid words used by well-known brands as much as possible. This is not about your domain name being confused with theirs; it is about the possible legal actions they can take against you. If you have any doubts regarding the name you have in mind, better consult with a legal professional to be safe.

You Want to Use Broad Keywords

It used to be imperative to find a domain name with the target keyword in it, but Google does not give any privileges to such domains anymore. They tend to have a negative association, both with the end users and the search engines.

If you can get a domain with a keyword which makes it clear what the website is about, you most definitely should grab it. But, try to use broader keywords instead of the target keywords you want to be ranked for.

You Want to Stick With .com

It is very true that finding a domain name with .com extension is very hard in 2017 as it’s been around for too long. There are plenty of new extensions to use, not only the top-level domains(TLDs) like .com, .net and .org, but such niche specific ones like .pizza and .photography. And while it is easier to get such a domain extension, .com is still the most credible one. People simply trust it more.

Besides, .com domains are more memorable. A lot of users even type .com automatically after every domain name.

If you can’t find the name of your choice with the .com extension, try to stick to the established top level domains. Here are the most established ones and their proper uses:

  • .net – Mostly technical sites, Internet infrastructure sites.
  • .co – Usually stands for company, community, and commerce.
  • .info – Informational websites.
  • .me – Blogs and personal pages.
  • .org – Nonprofits and non-commercial organizations.
  • .biz – Business and commercial websites.

And don’t forget about country-specific domain extensions if your business is centered in one particular country. These are the domains like .it for Italy, .de for Germany, and .uk for the United Kingdom.

The Best Domain Name Generators

All the above recommendations might have scared you off. And yes, it is not an easy task to get a great domain name these days, especially considering there are about 331.9 million domain name registrations in the top level domains this year so far.

But, don’t fret! There are dozens of tools designed to help you out. They are called domain name generators and we will introduce you to the best of them below.

Lean Domain Search

lean domain search
Via startupstash

Created by team Automattic, the people who are responsible for the WordPress platform, Lean Domain Search is really easy to use, including country-specific. You will need one seed keyword and we recommend one that defines the niche you work in.

The generator can generate tons of name ideas based on your keyword and chances are – some of them will be available with the .com extension.  Lean Domain Search can filter the results by popularity and length. You can save your favorite ideas, track the history of your searches and share the results with your team if you want.

This is a great tool to use if you don’t have any ideas but you have a couple of keywords that define your business.


Via data roots

NameStall is an awesome generator that provides amazing flexibility. It allows you to choose if you want your keyword placed at the end or at the beginning of the name. It allows selecting TLDs, including country-specific ones. You can also choose from various groups of words.

For example, there is a word group named “1500 popular last words” or one named “500 popular first words”. By selecting one of those groups, you will allow the generator to add the popular words to the keyword you specified. This is an awesome search customization feature.

NameStall is a good choice if you do not have a specific name in mind, but want to have more ways to customize your search.

Name Mesh

name mesh
Via mashable

Name Mesh is a versatile tool. It searches for domain names based on more than one keyword. As a result, you get a huge list of names, which can be divided into such categories:

  • New
  • Common
  • Similar
  • Short
  • SEO
  • Fun
  • Mix

There are also filters you can use which will sort the results based on extension, unregistered domains, and length. Name Mesh can also suggest other keywords for you if you can’t find a name.

Name Mesh is the tool for you if you are not opposed to spending more time on looking through more choices.

Check Your Names for Availability

Most of the name generators check the availability of the domains automatically. Simply put, there shouldn’t be any unavailable names in the results the domain name generators provide.

But if you want to double check or forgot to check in the first place, GoDaddy is the best tool for it. And if you want to check the availability of your name across the social networks you are planning to use, the best tool is Namechk.

Where to Register Your Domain Name

There are two ways to go about registering a domain name. The obvious first route is to register a free domain name when you get your hosting. And you will need hosting to launch your online business anyway, so why not use all the benefits it provides?

The most trusted hosting providers on the market are,, and

If you’ve already got your hosting and did not register a domain name with it or you’ve already used your free name for another project, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of domain name registrars out there. There are both free and paid options. We will show you the two most popular and trusted registrars here.


GoDaddy has been around for a really long time. It is the go-to name registrar for a lot of professionals. Their prices are not the cheapest on the market, but they often offer promotions and deals.

If you need to claim a name fast, GoDaddy is the best tool for you.


NameCheap is another popular registrar. It is slightly cheaper in the long run than GoDaddy. If you are sure you will run your online business for a long time, we recommend registering a name for 5 years as that is the cheapest option.

Both these websites offer hosting as well, so if you haven’t got your plan yet, check out their hosting offers, too.

Final Thoughts

Knowing how to choose a  website name and getting a domain name are very important tasks. They can be really challenging, particularly if you are doing it for the very first time.

However, it doesn’t always have to be a complete hassle. In fact, you can make it a fun and an educating experience.

To get an even deeper understanding of how to choose a website name, make sure to read this free ebook.

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Why You Should Consider Email Marketing

In the bid to outsell one another, retailers come up with several marketing and advertisement techniques. A lot of business managers have now woken up to the benefits of email marketing and they are taking advantage of it big time.

Now, what are these benefits? Read on.

It is cost effective

One of the most effective techniques to maximize profit is to cut down business cost. So, when it comes to business, cost-effectiveness is a big factor to consider.

Email marketing does not require any print or postage cost and there are no fees to be paid in exchange for counted exposure. The biggest part is that it doesn’t require the contribution of an expert.

However, you may need a software to track and evaluate the emails. You may even incur a certain cost for sending millions of emails at once. All the cost put together are nothing compared to how much other marketing techniques will cost you.

It is directed to the right audience

email marketing

Remember, you will be sending emails to those who have signed up for them. So, it means the emails will go to those that already have interest in your brand.

In other kinds of marketing techniques, you will have to send out your adverts to everybody. This can greatly increase your expenses.

In email marketing, you will also be charged for all the emails you send out. But since they are all going to your target audience, you’ll have a higher conversion rate.

It offers easy market segmentation

The real efficiency of email marketing comes out when you profile your recipients. Your mail will be received by those who likely need your service or product.

For instance, if you have an offline shop that renders certain service in a particular city, you can arrange for the mail to be sent to only your subscribers in that city. If you are marketing female dresses, you might also want to send it to only your female subscribers.

This approach will cost you much less since you won’t have to send emails to all your subscribers. Apart from that, it will also help you retain your subscribers. Receiving several non-relevant emails can make some of your subscribers decide to unsubscribe to your marketing emails or newsletters.

It takes advantage of impulse buying

Some people are impulse buyers. They usually respond to call-to-action on impulse. So, when you end your marketing mail with a compelling call-to-action, you are likely to cut it on them.

To strengthen your call-to-action, you can include a little bit of urgency. You could say they can get a promotional offer if they make an order within a certain period of time.

It is easy

You don’t really require any technical skill or any sophisticated technology to send marketing emails or newsletters. The only work lies in composing the message.

Apart from that, sharing news about your business is also easy. The recipients of your email can conveniently forward it to their friends who might be interested.

It is easy to track

Apart from online videos that show the number of views, no other marketing platform can provide you with the information on the number of people you have reached with your marketing campaign.

Some videos can even give a misleading number of views sometimes. For example, when a particular person watches a video four times, it will be counted as four views. Although it is four views, one will assume that “four views” means four people have viewed the video.

In email marketing, you can find out who has read your email and who is yet to read it. You will also get notified of the emails that were not delivered for some reasons.

Important Precautions

A lot of people still don’t get good results from email marketing. If you are one of those people, here are some important precautionary measures to take to guarantee success.

Segment your email list

It is not likely that all your subscribers will be interested in all your products or services. In fact, the information of certain products may be “garbage” to some people. They find it annoying, so they simply unsubscribe.

Before you send out your email, make sure that they are targeting the right audience. Segment your list, so only those people who need your email will read it.

Keep your emails short

email marketing benefits

Long emails scare people off, so make it as brief as possible. The shorter it is, the more recipients are likely to read it. You should also put the most important information first as not every recipient will read it up to the end.

Use catchy captions for the subject of your emails

No matter how good your content is, people may not really go through it without an attractive caption. People generally assess emails with their subjects.

A boring subject is always seen as a boring content even though it is not always true. So, no matter how many emails you are sending, each of them should have an attractive subject. Otherwise, only the ones with a “worthy” caption will be read.

A very good idea is to make the benefit of the product your subject. For instance, if you want to advertise an anti-aging cream, you should use subjects like “You can now look as young as you want”.

The subject of your email should let your readers know what’s in it for them. If they don’t see any benefit, they would probably just ignore the mail.

Finally, the content of your mail also matters. It should be good enough to get them to take action. So, take the time to compose great content for every marketing email. That’s how you can get all the benefits of email marketing.

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How To Turn Your Home Into A Smart Home Of The Future

Years ago, science predicted that the electric home of the future would have an automatic dishwasher and an electric stove that would eventually become remote controlled. Today, those predictions are coming true.

There are refrigerators that can message you a shopping list and stoves that you can turn off from the airport if you forgot to in your haste to make it to your flight. You can order groceries to be delivered to your doorstep as you cook using your Amazon Echo. You can even tell your Google Home to run your robotic vacuum cleaner.

Smart home features are big on the holiday shopping lists this year, so 2018 might end up being the year we are all living in the home of the future.

How To Turn Home Into A Smart Home

smart home
Via Product Hunt Blog

So, how do you get started creating a smart home for yourself?

There is a multitude of options out there. You have to start by figuring out just exactly what you want your smart home to be able to do. Some of the possibilities include:

  • Thermostats that learn and save you money
  • Locks that can be controlled by an app
  • Security cameras that allow you to talk to and see who is at the door
  • Robotic vacuum cleaners you can start remotely
  • Ovens that can be preheated remotely
  • Lights that can be turned on and off with your phone
  • Window coverings that can be raised and lowered from your device
  • Mattresses that track your sleep
  • Music that can be paused in one room and resumed in another

First, start by deciding which features are most important to you. The good news is that most systems are compatible with each other. So, even if you start off controlling everything through your Nest thermostat, you can add on a Google Home or Alexa later to expand your home’s capabilities.

If Security Is Your Main Concern

If this is the case, one of the easiest ways to get started is with the Nest system. With it, your smart thermostat will not only help you save money but it can also allow you to set your lights on a timer or connect them to your doorbell camera.

If you can turn on the lights when someone rings your doorbell even when you’re not at home, then you’re going to have greater peace of mind about your home’s security. You can also set your locks to give people temporary access to your home while you’re gone and monitor when they come and go.

If Convenience Is Your Thing

Alexa and Google Home are both great options for making your life easier. Both can order things for you with simple commands, like “Alexa, add butter to the shopping list.”

Both systems can connect to an iRobot vacuum cleaner, so you can start the vacuum remotely or with a voice command. You can also ask both systems to preheat your oven or run the dishwasher with compatible appliances, play relaxing music when you need to unwind, and many other things.

irobot vacuum cleaner
Via groupon

Smart Home Tech Is Catching On

In 2016, 45% of homeowners installed at least one smart home feature. Security and safety equipment are some of the most popular options, followed by entertainment, climate control, and lighting.

But just a year later, the possibilities have grown substantially. You can make your smart home tech work for you and take a lot of the load off yourself. And with all the security tech, you could find yourself saving money on your homeowner’s insurance, too!

Men, Millennials, and the wealthy are the groups most likely to adopt this tech. In fact, more than a third of men want or plan to get smart home tech compared with just over a quarter of women. People between 18 to 34 years old lead the market in smart home tech adoption as do those with incomes over $100,000 a year.

Every day you have to make around 35,000 decisions. Wouldn’t it be nice if your home can take out a good chunk out of that number? It’s so simple you don’t even need instructions to get started most of the time. Learn more about the smart home of the future from this infographic!

Homes Of The FutureSource

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5 Things You Need To Know About Shared Web Hosting

With technology evolving, customers have more options than ever before. They are surrounded by streams of brands- millions of them. People are agog over searching things they want over the internet, so if you do not exist online, you are probably losing a multitude of your potential customers.

Having a website is a must!

Whether you own a large corporation or a small cafe, you will need an influential web presence where your customers can connect with you, discover about your business, and eventually buy your products online. Taken together, an appealing, user-friendly, and informative website can magnetize new customers and prospects.

Businesses that still don’t have a website may be considered as outdated or even unreliable. Obviously, you wouldn’t want your business to have the same impression.

Since a majority of small and big businesses get their own website, they need to choose between different hosting solutions at some point. If your website does not attract much traffic and you have a tight budget, then shared web hosting service is the best option for you.

The Most Affordable Hosting Option

web host

Shared hosting is the most classic and widely chosen hosting plan across the globe. The key reason is its affordability as you don’t have to burn holes in your wallet.

Shared hosting is more like sharing an apartment where you share different facilities, like parking lot, kitchen, internet provider, and so on. When it comes to hosting, you have to share your resources with other hosting mates, like CPU time, memory, data, and disk space.

The Drawbacks

Shared hosting comes with some drawbacks. Potential website instability is one of them.

Take note that your website will be sharing server CPU resources with different other websites. When any of the websites sharing your server experiences an upsurge in traffic, your site might load slowly.

More Things to Consider

Hosting providers offer different plans for shared hosting. They may ask you to pay monthly, quarterly or yearly depending on your chosen plan.

Apart from payment options, you also have to be clear about the features you should be able to get from your plan. Storing files on the server is essential and so is the volume of data transfers and storage limits. If the basic features aren’t enough, you can always get an upgrade but be prepared to pay more.

Many shared hosting providers offer unlimited monthly data transfers to their customers. This may not be a catch, but you have to be sure that there are no hidden prices involved and that your definition of unlimited is same as theirs.

Now comes the OS. Check if you need Windows servers or Linux servers. Most common OS available for servers is Linux, but there are some web hosts that will allow you to choose between Linux or Windows hosting. For server-side apps that require Windows, let’s say SQL Server or a customized software coded in .NET, then Windows hosting will be the right option.

Make sure that your prospective web host offers a user-friendly control panel to streamline server administration and website management. Rather than typing a command line manually, the user can click the icons they recognize.

Another thing is customer support. You need to be certain that your host offers responsive 24/7 customer support. Some useful tools are forums, tutorials, and knowledge bases, but there’s nothing like having a human at your disposal.

customer support

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Hosting For Bloggers

WordPress hosting is an effective and affordable solution, just like shared web hosting. This sort of hosting is the best solution for people planning to create a website powered by WordPress CMS (content management system), but don’t want to be troubled with things like updating CMS and the apps. Managed WordPress plans is mostly comprised of security features aimed at protecting CMS from layabouts.

Some managed WordPress hosts restrict certain plugins. Therefore, if your website demands certain plugins, then you might have to search for other hosting options. Please note that only WordPress CMS can run on managed WordPress hosting.

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To wrap up

Selecting the right hosting option is no rocket-science; it truly depends upon your unique needs and budget. Most of the time shared web hosting is more than enough to cover your hosting needs as it is affordable, practical, and uncomplicated.

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