Top 5 Reasons Reviewing Your Goals is a Must For Your Success

Goal review

Are you performing at a high level in your area of focus such as sports, health, business, blogging, or at work? Whatever your area of focus, reading your goals often can produce faster and more consistent results. Losing sight of your goals can leave you stagnant or swimming against the current. I have compiled five key insights and beliefs that I hope will sell you on the importance of frequently reading what matters most—your goals!

  1. A destination without a road map is a wish.

One of the main objectives of writing goals is to determine the steps you need to take to arrive at your desired destination. A daily review of the road map to your goals will ultimately put you in the best position to successfully execute the plan you’ve written for yourself. If the plan becomes second nature (like the route you take to the gym or to work), then the targeted goal and its route become inevitable.

  1. Without repetition, goals will escape the mind.

I think everyone has listened to a song and then found that we “replayed” it in our mind for a few days (the earworm phenomenon). Yet the entire song is available to us via memory only for several days; inevitably, it seems to fade from memory over the coming weeks.

Rock and Roll Concert

Goals are very similar. Reviewing goals frequently enables us to easily recall their steps or benchmarks when we are not reviewing them, which gives us a stronger probability of implementing the actions necessary to achieve them. Frequently reviewed steps will eventually create a pathway in the brain if we consistently review them and not allow them to escape us. There are many studies that back the benefits that repetition has on the brain.

  1. We will lose desire, which causes a goal to lose its value.

One major drawback of not reviewing our goals is that we will eventually lose desire for them.

Personal development godfather Jim Rohn says, “Without a sense of urgency, desire loses its value.”

Goals, too, will eventually lose value if they are not reviewed frequently. Reviewing goals at least 10 times each week enables us to mindlessly pivot towards them to make them realities. We know that thoughts can become actions. As a result, we can reach our goals faster.

  1. Progress equals happiness.

The more tasks we accomplish and the greater progress we experience towards reaching our goals, the more our self-respect will increase.

When we feel an increase in personal value, our sense of worth keeps us happy. Think of someone who is trying to lose weight. Do they stop after losing 6 pounds? Usually not, and the reason is that losing 6 pounds represents real progress and, in turn, an increased sense of personal value. That motivates the dieter to lose more weight.

  1. Reading our goals daily should motivate us.

Life is easier when we wake up every morning and review our life’s purpose through a review of our goals. We then activate that energy and momentum as we take one step closer to our destination.

Maybe your goals are written down clearly to the extent that you become charged every time you read them. But are you able to recall your goals and plans like a melody that sticks in your mind, so that your actions reflect your goals?

By practicing ongoing repetition, we become programmed to know the steps to take to reach our ultimate destination. It is worth the time spent!

Stay strong and dig deep daily to produce what’s important to you faster. The benefits and outcomes will result in your masterfully illustrated dream board.

I am curious to know . . .

  • How do you make certain that your goals are reviewed?
  • What changes do you witness in your life when you do or don’t review them? Do you become energized?

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