Steptoe Barn 2016 by robetzel by robetzel

Probably the most photographed red barn on the planet, here again for 2016.

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Remains of the Day: You Can Now Complain to Airbnb About Your Neighbors

Airbnb can be great for both travelers and hosts with extra space to spare, but what if your neighbors are constantly renting out their place to rowdy partiers? Now you can tattle directly to the company when your neighbors and their renters do not maintain your Mister Rogers-level standards.

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Barrika colors by juanjobasurto by juanjobasurto

De nuevo…, Barrika.

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Old windmill by ahtamar by ahtamar

Folk Architecture and Life Museum (Pirogovo)
  Kiev region Ukraine

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International Competition: National Museum Complex Master Plan for Korea’s Administrative City

The objective of this competition is to select the appropriate master plan proposal for the National Museum Complex (NMC), with the aim of realizing a cultural base that is the spatial core of the Administrative City. This competition is an open international competition for all professionals and consists of two stages. In stage one (1) of the competition, conceptual land use plan of the whole project site (190,000m2) and conceptual master plan of the project area (75,000m2) of the 1st phase of the NMC project are reviewed. Entries of stage two of the competition are limited to winners of the stage one.

Stage One

  • Open Competition
  • Conceptual development plan on the whole NMC site (190,000m2 ) + Conceptual master plan on the 1st phase area (75,000m2)

Stage Two

  • Invitational Competition(Limited to Winners of the Stage One)
  • Developed master plan on the 1st phase area (75,000m2 ) + Architectural design on facilities in the 1st step of construction (i.e. Central Operation Center, Central Storehouse, National Children Museum, and Parking Lots)

This brief provides information only for stage one(1) of the competition, and the information for stage two(2) will be provided later.

Eligibility: Any professionals in architecture, urban design, landscape design, cultural design, or other fields can enter. One (1, individual or corporate) representative of the team should be a licensed architect whose license should be current and valid at the time of registration.


  • Announcement of the Stage One(1) : 2016.5.18.(Wed)
  • Project Site Tour : 2016.5.26.(Thr) 11:00 (GMT+9:00)
  • Registration Closing of the Stage One(1) : 2016.6.17.(Fri) 17:00 (GMT+9:00)
  • Posting Questions : 2016.5.18.(Wed) 9:00 – 5.30.(Mon) 17:00 (GMT+9:00)
  • Posting Answers : 2016.6.10.(Fri) 10:00 (GMT+9:00),
  • Answers will be posted on the competition website
  • Submission Deadline of the First Stage : 2016.7.13.(Wed) 10:00 – 17:00 (GMT+9:00)
  • All courier and postal service including the international entry must have a stamp marked no later than 2016.7.12.(Tue), and the delivery must be arrived at the reception of the competition office by 2016.7.15.(Fri) 17:00 (GMT+9:00).
  • Adjudication by Jury for the Stage One(1) : 2016.7.20.(Wed) – 2016.7.21.(Thr)
  • Announcement of Winning Entries of the Stage One(1) : 2016.7.25.(Mon) 10:00 (GMT+9:00)
  • Announcement of the Stage Two(2) : 2016.8.8.(Mon)
  • Submission Deadline of the Stage Two(2) : 2016.11.4.(Fri)
  • Adjudication by Jury for the Stage Two(2) : 2016.11.10.(Thr) – 2016.11.11.(Fri)
  • Announcement of Winning Entries of the Stage Two(2) : 2016.11.14.(Mon) 10:00 (GMT+9:00)

Download the information related to this competition here.

  • Title: International Competition: National Museum Complex Master Plan for Korea’s Administrative City
  • Type: Competition Announcement (Built Projects & Masterplans)
  • Website:
  • Organizers: National Agency for Administrative City Consturction
  • Registration Deadline: 17/06/2016 17:00
  • Submission Deadline: 13/07/2016 17:00
  • Venue: The Administrative City, The Korea Republic of
  • Price: free

Selected: Untitled by yohei_sawamura

Holland – Michigan – USA (by vxla)

Holland – Michigan – USA (by vxla)

Velvet Moonlight by efossati by efossati

A night shot from my last Workshop with Erin Babnik! This summer i wait you on Dolomites with Erin!!!

I recommend a visit on my website for workshops and instructional videos here:

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Like a dream by mathieu_rivrin by mathieu_rivrin

L’avez vous reconnu ?
Eh oui il s’agit du phare du Petit Minou à Plouzané dans le Finistère mais vu du ciel.
On a pas l’habitude de le voir sous cet angle mais les eaux depuis les airs apparaissent vraiment turquoises au pied du phare !
Les nuages arrivaient de l’océan et apportaient des dégradés subtiles dans les verts et les bleus ce qui rendait vraiment la scène hors du commun. La Bretagne est vraiment incroyable et ne cessera jamais de me surprendre.
Bonne soirée à toutes et à tous et à bientôt pour de nouvelles aventures !
Mathieu Rivrin –
@Mathieu Rivrin • Photographies – Toute utilisation commerciale de cette photo est interdite.

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Get Over a Breakup With “Redemptive Narrative” Journaling

There are a lot of great reasons to keep a journal
, and getting over a breakup might be one of them. The key is using your words to reframe your suffering into a positive, or at least meaningful, experience.

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