The old bridge of Konitsa by yiannischatzipanagiotis by yiannischatzipanagiotis

The old bridge of Konitsa was built in 1870 replacing the older wooden bridge over the river Aoos, one of the most unspoilt rivers of Greece passing trough the wilderness of Vikos Aoos National Park. Today the river is a well known place for river sports like rafting or kayaking.

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London by ssbaroi by ssbaroi

Sunsets are proof that no matter what happens, everyday can end beautifully

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Purple Mountains Majesty by jeffclow by jeffclow

On some mornings the first light does turn the mountains a purple shade for a few brief seconds…and I was fortunate to be there when it happened last month.

Oxbow Bend, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, USA

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Following the stars by sgsierra by sgsierra

No hay nada que nos llame más por la noche que las nubes y las estrellas, una vez llegado mayo, los fotógrafos nos volvemos locos por una VL.

Pues nada, con la compañía de Jokin, estuvimos buscando nuevos encuadres y técnicas, comentándolas mientras disfrutamos de esa maravillosa noche.

Si quereis aprender como hacer esto, incluso cosas mucho mejores, no os perdáis los próximos cursos de fotografía nocturna de David M Castán.

Sólo dar gracias a Eduard, Juanma, Dario y David, por ayudarme a pasar el rato mientras me recupero.

Espero que os guste, la mitad que a mí.

Un saludo a todos.

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Final Destination by manueldietrichphotography by manueldietrichphotography

“Final Destination” – Sólheimasandur, Iceland
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Hardhome by albertosalvaterra by albertosalvaterra

A recent sunset, I found this valley during the last excursion, it immediately struck shapes and curves created from the river. Hope you like it.

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Wet Paint by mumtazshamsee by mumtazshamsee

Attempt to create nature abstract at Painted Hills landmark in Oregon in stormy light, couple of years ago!

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“the Kumano Nachi Grand Shrine and the Nachi Great Waterfall”
UNESCO World Heritage sites.
The Nachi Water Fall is 133 meters high, 13 meters wide, and has a water flow of one ton per second.
This is actually the highest waterfall in Japan and the object of the worship in the Kumano Nachi Grand Shrine.
Nachi Fire Festival, aka the fan festival, which takes place here on the 14th of July every year, is considered as one of the three biggest fire festivals in Japan. Also, the Nachi Virgin Forest, with an area of 30 ha, remains the same from ancient times with the efforts of Nachi Grand Shrine as well as local people.

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Wanaka tree by MimiChiu by MimiChiu

Wanaka tree showing off magic of the golden hour

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The most magnificent of sunrises in Grand Teton National Park by dominicstarley by dominicstarley