Sobriety is an island


What do you do when everyone around you drinks? When relatives on holiday at your house start drinking in the morning because “F – it, we’re on holidays”. What if it’s your brother? How do you not outwardly wince when you hear his beer can crack at 8am? And as I write all this down it makes me angry and sad at the same time, because I have a child, and because I am sober.

Sobriety is not respected in Australia. I have had eye-rolls and sniggers since I gave up. My partner drinks. It causes problems between us but only because, when I am always the sober one, it is assumed I will do all the sober things. Like drive, and look after the baby. Sobriety is my journey, I can’t expect to change anyone, but if I must respect other people’s right to drink, why don’t people respect…

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