How to un-Brexit Brexit

the slingsta

brexit-referendum-uk-970x642Brexit negotiations.

With those two little words I’ve just convinced eighty percent of people who stumbled across this blog post to quickly stumble past it, and in the direction of the nearest bottle of alcohol.

The only person now still reading will almost certainly be David Davis – the Brexit secretary, and the man in whose hands our fate rests – who, I’m told, will read anything that includes the words “Brexit negotiations”, in the vain hope of picking up tips.

There is one key reason why David Davis is the wrong man for the Brexit job; he isn’t currently raising a couple of kids of primary school age, and therefore doesn’t have enough relevant experience.

I’m not sure if parenting has always been this way, or whether it’s because I’m often surrounded by middle-class people who tend to filter their parenting for the benefit of their audience.

But the fact is, there’s a lot…

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