You think the GOP will dump Trump!?


Stay upwind…it helps!

❝ “Big News — Budget just passed!” President Trump tweeted Thursday, after sharing this uncharacteristically sage nugget: “Do not underestimate the UNITY within the Republican Party.”

Trump is provably wrong about much in the fact-based universe, disgorging on average five false statements daily since taking office, according to the painstaking tally by long-suffering fact checkers. But don’t fool yourself into thinking he’s lying about one very important thing.

After passionate denunciations in the last week, by former president George W. Bush and three GOP senators, of Trump’s assault on truth, decency, and democracy, you might think there are cracks in his support. You would be wrong.

❝ “I called it a love fest, it was almost a love fest. It was a love fest. Standing ovation . . . There’s great unity in the Republican Party,” Trump rambled of his lunch with Senate Republicans, and yes, there…

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