Stunning Color Street Photography Captures the Spirit of Modern Tokyo

RK color Tokyo Street Photography

Street photographer RK began his voyage into the world of photography four years ago, first honing his skills on his iPhone. Now moving on the use a DSLR, his candid images taken on the streets of his native Tokyo weave a tale of the people and streets who make up this intriguing city.

RK’s work blends neon-saturated evening shots with touching portraits of people immersed in their environment. His portraits of shopkeepers and restaurant workers remind viewers that it’s these people who keep the streets humming and services flowing long after office hours. Their portraits draw the observer in, moving the eye across every inch of the image, one filled with detail.

“When taking street shots, I always focus on the moment and story at that time, not only the photo composition,” RK tells My Modern Met via email. “I may wait for hours in one spot just for one shot. I’m fascinated by this moment in Tokyo.”

And certainly, even though he’s moved beyond exclusively using his iPhone for photography, social media plays a key role in his motivation. “Now, SNS [Social Network Sharing] has become widespread, information on the internet is always coming quickly. I want to show to the world ‘What is Japan like now?’. I want people in the world to know the unique culture of Japan. That’s why I take photographs of the streets.”

RK’s street photography is varied—day and night, architectural and personal—bringing us is a slice of life from within Japan. Through his lens, he adds a new point of view on what it is that defines the fabric of a city.

Photographer RK started delving into photography four years ago, first using his iPhone and then moving to a DSLR.

RK Tokyo Street Photographer
RK Tokyo documentary Photography
RK Tokyo candid Photo

His color street photography of Tokyo gives a lens into the bustling city, both by day and night.

RK Tokyo documentary Photography
tokyo at night
photograph of tokyo by rk
tokyo rain

The neon-soaked evening streets of Japan’s capital provide the perfect setting for his candid photographs.

RK Tokyo candid Photographs
RK contemporary Street Photography
RK Tokyo candid Photography
contemporary color street photography

RK also takes touching portraits of people in their place of business, showing how vital they are to the city’s culture.

RK color Street Photography
tokyo shopkeepers
portraits in tokyo
portraits of people in tokyo
shopkeepers in tokyo
shopkeepers in tokyo
RK Tokyo candid Photo
tokyo shopkeeper
portraits of people in tokyo

RK: Website | Instagram

My Modern Met granted permission to use photos by RK.

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