Photographer Captures Perfectly Framed Photos of Subtle Coincidences

denis cherim shadow photography

When we first stumbled upon fine art photographer Denis Cherim‘s Coincidence Project, we marveled at his ability to keenly observe how natural elements align in interesting ways. As the ongoing project continues to move forward, Cherim has further refined his ability to pick out the delightful, curious—and often unobserved—coincidences that swirl around us daily.

Cherim first conceived the Coincidence Project almost 5 years ago. What began as a 365 diary project transformed into something special. After a year of shooting, the photographer noticed that his personal vision of the world was demonstrating something quite curious. Opening his eyes up to the coincidences that surround us, Cherim is able to keep the project going and is currently completing a residency at the Pier-2 Art Center of Kaohsiung in Taiwan.

“I want people to see that even the things which seem banal or meaningless in our daily life can become extraordinary,” the photographer tells My Modern Met via email. “The coincidences are around us, but we need to be willing to see them. I want to show people new places inside their own cities where they can escape and enjoy like they visit them for the first time.”

Playing with the light and lines of our urban environments isn’t something that many people take the time to do. In fact, Cherim is often met with strange stares as passersby try to decipher why he is photographing something that is conventionally “boring” or “ugly.” By exposing these elements and framing them through his artistry, he forces viewers to reconsider how they examine public spaces.

The fruit of his artistic labor in Taiwan will be exhibited at the end of his residency as the Kaohsiung Coincidence Project. Cherim hopes this will be the start of Coincidence Project iterations in different cities and countries around the world, allowing him to peel back the layers of more global environments.

Denis Cherim’s Coincidence Project is an ongoing fine art photography series where the photographer pulls out the beauty of natural, everyday coincidences that often go unobserved.

denis cherim coincidence project architectural photography
denis cherim photography
coincidence project denis cherim
denis cherim photographs that play with shadows
denis cherim contemporary photography
Denis Cherim Coincidence Project
photographs that show coincidences denis cherim
natural coincidences photographed denis cherim
denis cherim swan photograph
denis cherim coincidence project optical illusion photography
coincidence project photography by denis cherim
Denis Cherim Coincidence Project fine art photography
clever photography denis cherim
Denis Cherim - Coincidence Project
denis cherim contemporary landscape photography
denis cherim abstract photography

Denis Cherim: Website | Facebook | Instagram

My Modern Met granted permission to use photos by Denis Cherim.

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