Brexit – Where are we now?

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Brexit – Where are we now?

Well at the Brexit juggernaut trundles down the narrow country lanes following its out of date Satnav which now tells it it’s off the road and heading for a nonexistent destination it is time to ask where the hell are we.

So where the hell are we?

Nobody knows.

So perhaps it is time to look at what we do know.

  • Theresa May is in a blind panic trying desperately to cling on to power like a crushed limpet. Behind her the Tories are hopelessly split in two and pulling in different directions. As a Remainer, in order to gain power, she had to nail her colours to the extreme right of her party and she’s now stuck with them while the more moderate side are beginning to find their voice. She is so desperate to stay in power that she is actually pleading…

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