Annie Leibovitz Is Teaching Her First Ever Photography Class, and Anyone Can Attend

Annie Leibovitz Photography Class Online

Photographer Annie Leibovitz has produced some of the world’s most famous portraits over the course of her four-decade-long career. Her list of accomplishments is long, but two of the most notable include being the first female chief photographer at Rolling Stone magazine, and the first woman to have an exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C. With these achievements, it’s no wonder that plenty of aspiring photographers (and even professionals) want insight into how she works her magic behind the lens. Well, now they can!

Leibovitz is teaching her first-ever photography class online through the education site MasterClass. Consisting of 14 video lessons, a class workbook, and office hours, this is a great opportunity to understand how Leibovitz thinks and approaches her subjects. You even get to virtually attend a magazine shoot with her, which will give a hands-on look at her inimitable process.

The subjects covered in the course include the following: researching your subject; sharpening your observation; coming up with photo concepts; establishing a rapport with your subject; creating effective lighting; developing your storytelling; approaching photography as both an art and craft; and improving your skills by taking family portraits.

If your New Year’s resolution is to better your photography skills, this is the perfect time to start Leibovitz’s class. It’s now available as a single class for $90, or you can pay a $180/year subscription that allows you to access other courses by people at the top of their field.

Watch the 2-minute-long trailer for Annie Leibovitz’s first-ever online photography class:

Annie Leibovitz: Facebook | MasterClass
h/t: [PetaPixel, Open Culture]

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