Rijksmuseum Digitizes 600,000+ Works of Art, Making Masterpieces Available Online

Rijksmuseum Online Archive

“Self-portrait” by Vincent van Gogh, 1887

This holiday season we’ve seen many museums and galleries around the world increase their generous offerings of digitized art. Museums that have joined the digital world include The National Gallery, Tate Modern, and The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), to name just a few. Now with over 600,000 digitized works of art, Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum is part of this educational community of art liberation, which has successfully more-than-quadrupled their collection since launching the Rijksstudio in 2012.

The Rijksstudio’s extensive collection includes 17th century Dutch paintings from some of the old Dutch Masters, such as Rembrandt, Frans Hals, and Johannes Vermeer. The Portrait collection features works from the 14th century to the present day, and even contains a Self-Portrait by Van Gogh, painted in 1887. Other themes include Landscapes, containing Hendrick Avercamp’s Winter landscape with skaters, and Still Lifes.

In addition to paintings, the Rijksmuseum archive includes photographs of historical furniture and interiors, applied arts, and fashion. The museum also owns an astonishing 7,250 ceramic objects, some of which have been documented and added to the Rijksstudio Ceramics collection.

The high-resolution images are free to download once you sign up to become a member of Rijksstudio. You can then save your favorite works to your self-curated art collections, download and create prints, and share your finds on social media.

The Rijksmuseum digital archive of over 600,000 works of art includes the work of Dutch Masters…

Rijksmuseum Online Archive

“Winter landscape with skaters” by Hendrick Avercamp, c. 1608

Rijksmuseum Online Archive

“Pronkstilleven” by Adriaen van Utrecht, 1644

Rijksmuseum Online Archive

“Still life with flowers and a watch” by Abraham Mignon, c. 1660 – c. 1679

Rijksmuseum Online Archive

“Latona and the Lycian farmers” by Jan Brueghel (I), c. 1605

…as well as photographs of historical furniture, ceramics, and fashion.

Rijksmuseum Online Archive

Dollhouse by Petronella Dunois, anonymous, c. 1676

Rijksmuseum Online Archive

Armchair, anonymous, 1650 – 1700

Rijksmuseum Online Archive

Violin, anonymous, c. 1705 – c. 1710

Rijksmuseum Online Archive

Monkey with snuff box, Meissener Porzellan Manufaktur, c. 1730 – c. 1733

Rijksmuseum Online Archive

Irregular linen ruff, decorated with lockstitch and marked with cross stitch in red silk ‘CY’, anonymous, c. 1615 – c. 1635

Rijksstudio: Website
h/t: [Open Culture]

All images via Rijksstudio.

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