IKEA Ad for Baby Crib Doubles as a Pregnancy Test That Women Can Actually Use

Creative Ways to Advertise IKEA Ad

When it comes to advertising their products, IKEA does not shy away from creative marketing. Often thinking outside the box, past IKEA ads are practical, like helping anyone cook a tasty dinner or to dress as Jon Snow.  They’ve recently debuted another one of these promotions; this one promises to change someone’s life forever—and that’s not an exaggeration. IKEA’s newest print collateral, developed by the agency Åkestam Holst, encourages women that “peeing on this ad” could reveal that they are with child.

Certainly unconventional but incredibly clever, the advertisement features a solitary photo of a Sundvik crib with a price tag attached. Following the paper’s instructions, if an expectant mother actually pees on it, a new price will reveal itself: 50% off, as long as the woman signs up for the IKEA Family discount. (There’s no need for them to hand a urine-soaked sheet of paper to the cashier.)

Åkestam Holst collaborated with Mercene Labs, which creates industrial surface coatings, to bring their advertisement to life. The result is a small box that contains the pregnancy test, so anyone who tries this at home needs to take careful aim. Learn more in the video below.

IKEA always has creative ways to advertise, and this one is no different. To get a 50% discount on a crib, expectant mothers are encouraged to pee on the print ad.

Creative Ways to Advertise IKEA Ad

Learn more about the creative IKEA ad in this video:

Åkestam Holst: Website
h/t: [designboom, Co.Design]

All images via IKEA.

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