Photographer Captures Busy But Beautiful City Streets Unique to Tokyo

Tokyo at night

Photographer Tatsuto Shibata (known as on Instagram) is known for his ability to capture the spirit of modern Tokyo. From the chaotic main avenues to quiet side streets, Shibata’s photographs show just how multi-faceted the metropolis really is.

Even oft-photographed spaces, such as the expansive crosswalks of Ginza, take on a new dimension through his lens. Shooting at the perfect time of day, his aerial perspective captures the elongated shadows of commuters and tourists, providing a dynamic light and shade to the composition. “Tokyo is one of the biggest cities in the world and it is always crowded,” the photographer tells My Modern Met via email. “Everyone is hustle and bustle. I enjoy photographing the chaotic street views of Tokyo.”

But for every chaotic view, Shibata manages to sneak in some quiet moments on the side streets of Shinjuku or the reflective beauty of colorful fireworks. Look through his feed and you’ll discover there’s more than just Tokyo in his repertoire. Shibata travels far and wide, whether south down to Kyoto, within Asia to South Korea and China or across the ocean to New York City. No matter the location, he manages to frame the scene perfectly, transporting his followers to each city.

Tatsuto Shibata is a Tokyo-based photographer who explores the chaotic streets of the city.
culture in Tokyo

Tokyo at night
Tokyo photographs
Tokyo Photography by Tatsuto Shibata

He loves capturing the chaos of Tokyo, with its streets always brimming with activity.

city photography tokyo
people in Tokyo
Tokyo at night

But he also manages to show a quieter side to Tokyo, providing a multi-faceted view of the metropolis.

Tokyo Photography by Tatsuto Shibata
Tokyo street photography
urban photography tokyo
Japanese culture and family
japan fireworks

Tatsuto Shibata: Instagram

My Modern Met granted permission to use photos by Tatsuto Shibata.

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