Getting going, one more time

Getting up in the morning can be tough when life continuously hits us with new surprises. How long do we need to pay for our past mistakes?

It is becoming an art to reprogram the mind each day with positive new twists to trick it into thinking this can be a good day… and hopefully, this day will be it!

I have been saying to myself, “things can’t get any worse” That was a few years ago…

I will keep at it with the best frame of mind I can wear today. The lesson this has taught me is that we have an amazing ability to hang on if we can get going, just one more day…


One thought on “Getting going, one more time

  1. Thirst4Development April 6, 2018 / 7:40 am

    This is so true and I am pleased to hear you do keep going. Sometimes I write down the negative or limiting thoughts and then next to it I re write this as a positive then strike a line through the negative. This helps to visually reframe things for me. Keep going

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