Pass the deodorant… by bobobird by bobobird

The law of the strongest by BertdeTilly by BertdeTilly

Tufted Titmouse by srose2 by srose2

I’m not sure if these birds only come to where I photograph them in the winter or not. If so I’m glad they do as they are such pretty birds and rarely sit still.

Breakfast by michaelcl1 by michaelcl1

Early in the morning a Purple Swamphen scours the reed bed on a slowly moving river looking for breakfast.

Go right…… by avzon by avzon

Yesterday I went out to visit the kingfisher couple. Spring is in the air! The where digging a nesttunnel. After digging they cleaned themselfs, giving me some great opportunities to get some nice shots. What a great bird to see and watch. You have got to love nature and its creations. Cheers, my friends!

Profile picture by MiguelAngelZapata by MiguelAngelZapata

Perdiz roja posando de perfil

Red Partridge posing profile

Pagalo Grande by PedroCuronisyPellegero by PedroCuronisyPellegero

Pagalo Grande en las islas Shetlands, Escocia. Inglaterra.

Male brambling by marioseveri by marioseveri

Watching by ivorberry by ivorberry

Canada Goose by Roland-F by Roland-F

A Canada goose in flight.