Valle de Ricote – Murcia by PAkDocK by PAkDocK

One of the most beautiful places in the SouthEast of Spain is the, not well known, Valley of Ricote.

It is a traditional place, where it seems that time is stopped some centuries ago. The Segura river run along the valley, through palm trees borught by the Moors, lemon tree fields and colorful houses.

The weather is almost always marvelous….definitely Spring is here.

This is a panoramic composition of two images.

Ojos, Region de Murcia, Spain. 2016

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Arashiyama Bamboo by chenxistanley by chenxistanley

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Meydan Bridge at Dusk by NomadWithin by NomadWithin

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Young couple spending time in the afternoon and watching ebooks on a tablet

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