Phantom Zone by YOSHIHIKO

I love blue, you love blue don’t you?

Want to see Full size? please visit my

Coincidentally, I was developing this bluish photo, I came to know my photo 
neo osaka
was chosen to 
The Top 10 City & Architecture Photos of 2014
I love conventional BW, and I do by myself, but often I am inclined to tint my photos to blue. I don’t know, maybe it’s just cool.

My next work is conventional BW fine art style photo, and
I’ll post December 31nd, just before going back to my hometown to spend with my parents.

Thank you for all who visited my page this year!
I was pretty enjoyed and inspired viewing you guys’ beautiful, astonishing photos.

Have a happy holiday 500px members!

update 22nd Dec.
Just released the newest number CAMERAPIXO’s
We Inspire Vol.FOUR
took this photo and gave as Editor’s choice.
All photos on the magazine are trully beautiful and worth to see.
Please check it out.

via 500px

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