Shrouded in Mystery by EliaLocardi by EliaLocardi

Me and Benjamin Von Wong in Bhutan? What could possibly go wrong? 😉


And no, the statement above is not a typo. I’ve been waiting for the right moment to announce that for an entire month, I’ll be traveling through Bhutan and the first two weeks are dedicated to a very interesting collaborative project that Ben Von Wong and I have dreamed up together. And, I’m excited to say that the project begins today in Paro!

While internet connectivity in Bhutan is spread rather thin, I’ll do my best to keep everyone updated with regular behind the scenes posts as we make our journey through The Land of the Thunder Dragon. Ben also convinced me (though hours and hours of obsessive conversation while pointing at his iPhone screen) to start a Snapchat account, so feel free to follow along with us in real time, as we reveal more details about this very fun and challenging new project. Just bear in mind that I literally just started using Snapchat yesterday so I’m still getting the hang of the clip duration. 😉


Shrouded in Mystery || Tiger’s Nest, Bhutan

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