Erin’s Things: October 1

You’re reading Erin’s Things: October 1, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you’re enjoying this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles.

This week for my favorite things, there’s a lot of technology, a great new book and a cool home store for those in California! Check out this week’s list and leave your comments (and suggestions for other cool stuff) below!

  1. ALDEA HOME + BABY – The San Francisco home goods store is cooly curated with different rooms impeccably decorated as if in a showroom. Frequently on every best design list, it boasts some quirky and also very design forward items, from furniture to accessories and even clothes. There’s everything for all budgets, from a gifts under 25$ page online to the higher end items such as the ‘Mirah Geo’ table – my fave.  It’s eclectic yet perfectly streamlined. Loving it right now!


  1. CHILDREN’S MD – APP – If you’re a parent, or even a grandparent or uncle/aunt that is baby sitting- you will at some point encounter some anxiety over a child that is not feeling well- questions like, how can I treat this fever, what symptoms should I be concerned about? Now there are all sorts of apps that can help you with – this one in particular, ‘Children’s MD’ was developed by Children’s Hospital of Colorado and it is basically like a virtual doctor. It has a comprehensive symptom list as well as suggestions for when is the right time to call on a doctor for help, to over the counter meds/dosages and even finger food ideas! Thank-you pocket Doc.


  1. HTC VIVE –VIRTUAL REALITY HEADSET – The best VR set in the world is apparently this one. I am no expert but I am certainly interested in the coming VR wave we are about to experience in tech and entertainment.  The controls are intuitive, the resolution is amazing and you have a 1080p screen for each eye- playing games on this would be as realistic as it can get…for now. This is a premium product so its cost reflects this fact. At 600-700$, you are guaranteed the best first generation VR product on the market. Virtual is a reality we can all immerse ourselves into now.


  1. IT’S MESSY – ON BOYS, BOOBS AND BADASS WOMEN – Amanda de Cadenet has done it again. She’s written another fantastic book, this time a personal collection of essays that facilitates conversations among women that deserve to be had. She gives advice and has quite a few insights gained from experience as a businesswoman, wife, mother and friend. I think it is thought provoking which is the first most important thing I require in a book, the second is generally humor- and this is also apparent in this offering. She has heart. That I admire, along with her feminist message, she helps women around the world determine the strength to find positivity against all odds. Stumped for your next read…look no further!


  1. Flexible sensor medical device – a gifted materials scientist by the name of Canan Dagdeviren, has been researching and inventing a slew of biomedical devices (the size of a sticker!) designed to convert energy from natural movement of your organs into electricity – an energy harvester that is built on a flexible foundation. It eliminates the need for pacemakers to have their batteries changed. Secret to its success is PZT (lead zirconate titanate) which can generate small electric charges as it flexes. The uses range from the cosmetic advantage of treating dehydrated skin to the huge potential of identifying any illnesses. This is personalized medicine at its most epic! When one can understand what the body is saying by observing an unending stream of data (the variables that fluctuate electronically in the body) then one can figure out how indeed to keep it running!

You’ve read Erin’s Things: October 1, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you’ve enjoyed this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles.


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