Should You Be An Artist And Follow Your Dreams? Here’s Something You Must Know

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Van Gogh - Read Vineyard

Van Gogh - Read Vineyard

Do you often think whether you should follow your dream of becoming an artist? If you do, then read on.

Look at the painting above.

The painting you see is ‘The Red Vineyard’ by Vincent Van Gogh.

The only painting which Van Gogh ever succeeded in selling during his lifetime out of the 900 which he had painted.

He remained a failure for his lifetime, led a miserable life filled with mental illnesses and melancholy, until he finally shot himself and committed suicide.

“La tristesse durera toujours,” were his last words, which meant “The sadness will last forever”.

He never got to witness his success. He didn’t remain alive to see it. He couldn’t make a fortune out his art. Yet, he painted.

His art wasn’t respected in his time and pushed him towards the miseries he might not have imagined. Once he spent his money on paint rather than food, yet he painted.

Why did he paint?

If you could answer the question without a need to think, with a voice that comes straight from your soul, I doubt not that you’re an artist.

I believe you know why artists do what they do.

If you can feel how he might have felt and can’t help thinking with a sigh on your face for a while, then you’re an artist.

More than anything, if you could see your own reflection in what he did, you’re truly an artist.

Here’s a truth

Artists don’t always get what they’re known for. But neither have they always worked for those reasons.

Fame, money, attention, respect – are all cheaper than the reason which motivates an artist to create his art.

There’s nothing wrong if he expects some material outcomes. Yet, for all the blood, sweat and tears he puts in his art – these rewards are far less than compared to what he gives back to the world.

The fancy lie about being an artist

The world is often an ignorant place where people measure actions only in terms of outcomes.

If you can’t justify your work to them or fail to come up with a logical reason, they’ll build up their own assumption anyway.

As an artist, you’re selfless. You create because you love to. You share because you work brings smiles.

Sometimes, you create just because something kills you from within and you wish for nothing more than taking off that burden form your heart.

But world won’t ever get it. It will always think that you’re driven by some selfish motives and are a crazy maniac who has no regard for his life.

But you’re only misunderstood. Because even if money and fame might be among the reasons you create art for, they aren’t the only ones.

Why artists should be less attentive to the world

Artists owe nothing to the world. Nothing.

To the world, your art may be nothing less than a speck of dust.

Then why do you try so hard to make others care about our work?

It isn’t wrong to seek audience. After all, we create to be seen and appreciated. However, just because the world is blind to your art and disrespects it, doesn’t mean that you should quit.

Those who truly know and love you, understand the value of art in your life.

They’ll motivate you, not drag you. They’ll try to help you in all ways they can and try you to get your art the value it deserves.

As for the rest, how should react to those who wish to snatch the thing which is the reason behind the smile on your face?

Do what you always wanted to do for yourself. Give up your yearning for the attention of people.

Only then you can make the world restless and shake its ignorance. Soon it shall notice you, glare at you with wondering eyes, and give you the respect you deserve.

The moment you find some work that fills you with excitement or makes your heart pump faster, you feel an intense wish to do it.

You find yourself. Soon, you fear losing that feeling, and you wish to go on creating forever.

But then, you think what others might think of you.

You suppress the brightest part of yours by making yourself believe that you’re a fool to dream.

You think of the bread before your happiness, and of the world before your soul.

After that, you become a loser for life and are left to bear a regret forever.

No one ever knows what your dream was, your life remains normal, yet in your heart you know that you had lost something in life.

It doesn’t matter what you become to the world, in your heart you know that once you feared, and then remained a coward – forever.

If you don’t wish to be that coward, give up your fear of the world and start somewhere. Be what you want to be.

You wanted a chance? You already have it

Dare to dream. To be what you want to be. To create, not just for the world but yourself.

Step out of your safe zone, feel your vulnerability and surrender yourself to the work which scares you. The work which makes you love your life and vanishes your fear of death.

This is the moment you’ve got. Either you become the next faceless person who lived according to the conventions of the world, or die a rebel with a satisfaction that at least you had tried.

“Of all that is written, I love only what a person hath written with his blood.”

― Friedrich Nietzsche

A real artist doesn’t give up art

Being an artist can be painful and miserable. But you don’t let anything prevent you from becoming one. You go ahead, you play your part.

This world doesn’t owe you anything, but not giving it what you can would be a sin. More than that, it would only bring you misery and break you, for you fail to contribute your part in this world.

Don’t create art for gains, but yourself and for the happiness of the ones who appreciate it. The world is an ignorant place – so if you judge your art in the amount of attention you get – you might be forced to quit.

People are often conservative in their appreciation and won’t help you grow even when they can. Doesn’t matter. Create for the kind ones who care.

Above all, create for yourself.

Art can change you, the world, and everyone else. You have a price to pay too. Sufferings and pains always exist, but you don’t let them break you.

You are an artist only if you create. So create. Sometimes there aren’t any reasons to create, not many successes to celebrate, but the keep pushing yourself to create more.

“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?” – Vincent Van Gogh

When you’re an artist, you feel like a loser when you stop. You feel good when you create.

So create art, no matter what. Die with a bunch of admirable creations by the side of your deathbed, that’s the only worthy satisfaction you must have.

How long are you planning to think? How long will you stay a loser? How long can you quash the gift you’re born with?

Hope you decide soon.

I just wanted to tell you something.

If you ever wanted to be an artist, be one.

You can be everything else that you want to be, and also an artist. You don’t have to choose being one.

It’s always beautiful to create art and it’s great to be an artist.

About Author:

I’m Vishal Ostwal. A writer, blogger, and the kind of person whose name rhymes with his surname.

Apart from that, I’m a dreamer, and a storyteller who can talk about life tirelessly. Visit my blog to find my online home,or connect with me on facebook and twitter.

You’ve read Should You Be An Artist And Follow Your Dreams? Here’s Something You Must Know, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you’ve enjoyed this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles.


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