Become a 141 to Achieve Massive Success in Life and at Work

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In life, there are three types of peoples according to how they react to events in their life, they’re:

  • those who make things happen
  • those who watch things happen
  • and those who wonder what happens

My goal in life is to never be in the third category and anytime I found myself in the second one, I do whatever it takes to move to the first category (100% pure hustle mode on) and I lock myself in a continuous improvement process that never ends

In order to achieve that, I use a secret formula that I built for myself, and once I saw that it never failed me in delivering the outcomes I was looking for, I decided to experiment it on few of my mentees, and to my joy, it works wonder!

Now that I’m convinced that I built a solid framework to success, I want to share it, watch others gaining the same benefits as I did and know that I made a difference by giving the tools to accomplish a fulfilled life

My Framework to success, code name 141, is a simple formula that I use in my everyday life

141 = 33% + 10X + 97 + 1%

So let’s dig in what these numbers mean:

1 – The Law of 33%

One of the pillars of my professional framework is the Law of 33%, I’ve been following this principle since 2013 and it boosted my success growth, it’s a three phases process that needs to be followed each day to see the phenomenal success it will generate

Tai Lopez cover it perfectly in his TedX Talk The Law of 33%

Spend 33% Of Your Time With People That You Inspire To Be

These are the people at the level you want to be in the future, these are the people that if you achieve 10% of their success you will consider yourself a success, but how can you make it happen? Creativity my friend!

  • When was the first time you invited a successful business owner for a dinner at your expense?
  • When was the last time you worked for free for a successful business owner and in return, you asked for a 15-30mn mentorship
  • When was the last time you bought a book of a highly successful business owner in which you will get years of trials and errors with the solution to each problem faced?

Spend 33% Of Your Time With People At Your Level

These are the people at your current level, you need to maintain a regular contact with them so you’re always up to date on what’s impacting you and your work now

Socializing, sharing knowledge and reading business related books are the smartcuts for this category to compress the time learning skills to remain relevant

Spend 33% Of Your Time With People That Are Inspiring To Be At Your Level

These are the people that need your wisdom and experience to climb the ladder as you did, they may not contribute to your growth directly, but mentorship enhances skills as leadership, communication, goal setting and a sense of purpose that will complete the fulfillment circle

2 – The 10X Rule

Basically, any goal, ambition, dream or action need to be ten times what you planned. Period.

In his book Grant Cardone The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure, explain that having a 10X mindset will unlock the ability to deconstruct any process you need to follow to achieve anything in life and rebuild it with a ten times outcome objective, and in the end you will find a vehicle that accelerates your growth and success

The reason I like using the 10X Rule is that it gives me a guaranteed outcome, just think about it, the path to achieving ten times what you already planned is not the same, forcing you to get out of your comfort zone and reach levels you never thought you could attain or do before; And as a result, whatever it is, it will always be higher than the originally planned…

3 – Be a 97

97/100 is your minimum uniqueness and attractiveness score in the industry you’re in, this is how you know you can achieve your planned massive success in an age of Attention and big focus on Return-On-Investment

Hollywood is the perfect example for this, take the example of the franchise The Fast & The Furious, it’s a billion-dollar series thanks to Vin Diesel, his appearance in such big movies guarantee high payout for the producers (you can read more ‘Fate Of The Furious’ Makes Vin Diesel A $6 Billion Man In 2017)

Hollywood is filled with actors below 97 score that are ghosts and never achieve their dreams, the main reason for that is competition

Competition nowadays is so dense that being an average is a curse and only the hustlers and people that succeeded in creating something unique about themselves will make it

(read this good discussion Why is Los Angeles referred to as “The City of Broken Dreams”?)

4 – Make progress 1% at a time

If each day, you sleep knowing that you improved your knowledge, skills, wisdom or workout at a rate of 1% per day, it will take you just 72 days to be twice better

Imagine every 72 days you become twice wiser, just imagine the possibilities and opportunities that will open in front of you, literally, the world will be yours!

So, how did I applied codename 141 to my personal and professional life?

The Law of 33%:

  • Anytime at my work, I scope the environment around me, draft a list of quick wins that we can implement that will result in financial gains and share it with my leaders
  • I make a commitment to make them happen in the agreed timeline and in exchange I ask for more complex assignments and a VIP coaching
  • Among my colleagues, I always start the self-improvement and life fulfillment discussion, and once I find a candidate that is open to change and hustle, I provide him with the necessary mentorship to ensure a positive change, promotion or pivotal change in his life

The 10X Rule:

  • I joined small elite mastermind groups with members at levels way above me so I can learn how to build 10X systems to obtain 10X outcomes
  • In one of my projects, the best way to achieve the expected benefits was to re-engineer the existing process to make it lean and implement a proprietary CRM to manage workflow and communication across the team, unfortunately we didn’t have the funds to buy or build in-house the system, so I spent my days working on the process and my night learning a new programming language until I was able to build, train and implement my new CRM to the team

Be A 97:

  • I make sure that anytime I get a new position or contract, I quickly become a Subject Matter Expert, a Go-To-Point-Of-Contact and among the few that can solve complex problems, and that increases my Uniqueness and Attractiveness score

1% Progress:

  • I read business related books, articles, papers, news every day
  • I listen to business podcasts every week
  • I watch business documentaries and movies once a month

Time planning is critical to this part to ensure I keep being consistent and double my wisdom every 72 days

Now that you know my secret solid and proven Framework to Success, grab it, model it to your needs and take massive actions

See you at the top


You’ve read Become a 141 to Achieve Massive Success in Life and at Work, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you’ve enjoyed this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles.


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