10 Motivational Tips That Will Actually Make Your Life Better

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Has life been quite dull lately? Do you find yourself stuck in a rut that’s not letting to get anywhere in life? Here are ten motivations that we hope get you through this tough time.

  1. Be your own inspiration. There is nobody on this earth who knows you better than you do. However transparent you are with the rest of the world, you are entirely true to only yourself at the end of the day about what exactly you want and how exactly to achieve this. Once you know exactly what you want, work towards achieving it for yourself and no one else.
  2. Do not allow yourself to be taken for granted at any point of time. You owe yourself the very best at all times and this does not include being taken for granted by others. When others don’t value your presence enough this reflects directly on your self esteem and acts as a demotivating aspect. Hence if you feel like you’re not given due credit, do something about it.
  3. Build up self confidence by doing things you normally wouldn’t. Try out things you always believed you’re not good at. Be it a new skill or something tried and tested. Unless it really requires innate talent, get good at it no matter how hard you need to work on it. Be around people who appreciate your positive developments and avoid the company of those who don’t. Meanwhile appreciate yourself. Your appreciation matters most to you.
  4. Don’t be a people pleaser. Yes it is perfectly natural to want to make others happy by doing something we do even if it brings you a bit of discomfort. But unless the person means something to you and deserve the hours you spend toiling for them, don’t subject yourself to unrewarding work. It puts you down and brings down even your baseline morale. Exclusively seek the company of those who ask you to believe in yourself and encourage you to do things for yourself. It is always okay to be selfish when compared to being a push over.
  5. Learn how to manage your time super efficiently. Once you break patterns of continuous dullness and a depressive rut, you will find yourself enter a new zone- one with possibilities of new achievements. During this time, set yourself a time table that can trick your mind into thinking it is a flexible one. Position leisure and work in ways that they don’t clash one another but the prospect of leisure does motivate better work to be done. When managed effectively, productivity will increase and you’ll enter a motivational cycle of work and fun where both are equally important. You can find more about productivity and motivation at https://essaypro.com/
  6. Be forgiving of yourself. Whoever you have wronged and whatever mistakes you have done, no one else’s forgiveness matters in real but yours. There is no bigger motivation than a second chance to set things right and don’t be afraid to give yourself this chance. Once you forgive and accept yourself work hard towards making amends. While it is always going to be true that nothing can be done perfectly and the impact of your mistake can’t be altered; you can always make things better than they are in the period following the mistake. What’s done is done.
  7. The past holds you back. There is no point in living through your memories and good moments from the past- spend focus on making fresh memories and on living rather than reliving moments. Happiness and positive emotions always keep you motivated so work towards renewing these by living in the present that you work upon maintaining light and happy. Spend more time with people and things that make you happy. Realize that life is short and happiness shouldn’t be a concept that is futuristic. Reach out to it and motivate others to do so as well.
  8. Find something that you find is actually worth living for. When everything else seems off in life, this something is the reason you get out of bed in the morning. It could be your best friend, a person you are securely falling in love with, your pet or family or even your job if you do what you love to do. Hold on to this- whichever it is that is giving you more than it’s drawing from you and give your best to it. Motivate yourself to be the best at whatever you do.
  9. Gain worldwide knowledge and experience. Don’t spend time reading inspirational stories but rather research on ways of how you can inspire and motivate yourself without having to live someone else’s life.
  10. Lastly, positive stress is the ultimate key. Set yourself some limitations and goals- target yourself at achieving these. Prioritise self goals and give yourself time to reach these. You’ll never need further motivation than the one of prospective self achievement.

You’ve read 10 Motivational Tips That Will Actually Make Your Life Better, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you’ve enjoyed this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles.


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