Erin’s Things – February 8

You’re reading Erin’s Things – February 8, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you’re enjoying this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles.

This week for Erin’s Things – I’ve found everything from floating in the Grand Canyon to a galactic light experience – all of which, made my week a little bit better! Discovered something that got you inspired this week? Leave a comment below!

The Zip Line at Grand Canyon West – Located in Hualapai Ranch in Grand Canyon National Park, this zip line flies over a side canyon, letting you take in spectacular views from above. Is it scary? Sure. Is it worth it? Definitely. You don’t’ have go it alone however, and that may ease the anxiety for some. Designed with two ‘quad ziplines’ it allows up to four people to ride side by side from beginning to end- so you can all freak out together. The line measures around 1110 feet across and there is a line that goes downhill taking you 2100 feet downhill…whoa! Finally, something worth lining up for.

LUNA LAMP – Taiwanese designer Acorn has a ‘Moon Lantern’ that comes in several different sizes, ranging from $80 (smallest) to $910 (largest). It comes in a fiberglass structure and is light from within with LED lights hidden inside. There is a deep sense of peace that comes over me when looking a beautiful full moon, now I can enjoy it every night. The large size is simply stunning on the room in a living room space. The light is ethereal and calming. Best gift ever for someone special on your list.

NEW YORK – BEHIND CLOSED DOORS – This Coffee table book offers two things, a peek into the interiors to some fabulously stylish small spaces in the city that never sleeps (NYC, for those who don’t know) and a colorful portrait of the people that reside in them. Personalities inform style and this is a great way to binge on both!

Young Living essential oils – ‘Seed to Seal’ – these essential oils have been around for awhile (1994!) yes, for some reason they are at the peak of their popularity at the moment. They offer around 85 different single bottles that claim to aid with countless ailments and/or mood enhancements. Everything from radiant skin to increased energy is in these little bottles. What sets them apart from the countless other essential oil brands out there is that they produce products based on the ‘seed to seal’ mantra. This means the product must meet their pillars of sourcing, science and standards. And for all you moms of babies, there is a baby oil diffuser that apparently makes the little angels drift off to lala land. Yes, please!

LAUNCH – This podcast just ‘launched’, and it is a great help to anyone thinking of writing a book! Screenwriter John August, leads this podcast which helps those dreaming of or attempting to, or in the midst of writing a book, to make the leap from idea to produced, sold, promoted and marketed product. Structured as a linear documentary narrative model, it helps with everything from story arcs to general writing issues that arise, and well into the business side of things. Recommend.

You’ve read Erin’s Things – February 8, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you’ve enjoyed this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles.


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