The Top Tips to Boost Your Child’s Confidence

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Tips to Boost Your Child’s Confidence

Tips to Boost Your Child’s Confidence

Confident people are always ready to take new challenges in life. They have a better self-image, positive outlook towards life, and a strong belief in their abilities that they can work as expected. Whether it is their job, academic career, or social relationships they always stand out from the rest. Confidence is indeed a key to a successful life and if children manage to master this trait, they can ensure a healthy and victorious future for themselves.

Being confident will not only improve their mental health but will help them deal with every situation and challenges such as stress, peer pressure, studies, emotions etc. Confident children can accomplish every goal with passion and perseverance. Parents can play a major role in encouraging their children and making them meet their true self. Since children trust their parents the most hence, they take their words seriously. If your child also lacks confidence sometimes and you don’t know how to encourage them to keep trying, here are some basic steps that you can follow:


Appreciation is the key

Acknowledging every little accomplishment of your children will not only make them feel happy but would light their desire to do better next time. Whether it is getting a good grade, completing the homework, or helping you at home, notice the little things that your children are doing on their own and appreciate them. You will soon see a sense of self-worth in them as they will feel confident about doing the tasks on their own. But, that doesn’t mean that you have to over-praise them. You must always provide a realistic feedback to your children. If they are not good at something then, do praise their efforts but not the results. Make them understand that nobody is perfect but, with continuous practice and efforts one can achieve anything in life.


Give them the required environment

Many times children lack confidence if they are not able to perform well in school and other co-curricular activities. Every child possesses different skills and learning power. Hence, parents must take the necessary steps so that children do well at school. If they ask for assignment help from you then, sit with them and help them do their homework. You can use different methods to teach them at home. Nowadays, one can find so many learning resources on the Internet which can help the children develop their skills and eventually their confidence.


Make them set some real goals

Whether it is a test, learning a new skill or playing a sport, explain your children the need to set goals, how they can achieve them, and also discuss what will happen if they do not. Keep them reminding their skills and talents. This will make them believe in themselves that they can achieve what they desire with their skills. You can also ask them to set their goals on their own. It may happen that the children will set some goals which are really big and unrealistic. At this time just show them the path to achieve such goals. You may also break such goals into some mini-goals as well.

Reward them

Constant motivation is required to achieve any goal. If there comes a situation where your child is lacking confidence then, motivate them by setting rewards like a cookie if they read a chapter, their favorite video game if they score well in the exams etc. This will encourage them to do the task with full enthusiasm.  Also once they will accomplish, they would find how easy the task was. Celebrate their every little success and see the difference in them.

Positive Affirmations

Affirmations can program our subconscious mind to success. They shape our mind with a positive outlook and build our self-esteem with which we can easily achieve our goals. So, parents can use this technique to boost their child’s self-esteem. Talk to your child and tell them the value of positive thinking. You can ask them to use affirmation phrases like “I can do it”, “every day is a new day with new opportunities” etc.

The power of ‘try’

The most important thing to incorporate into the minds of children is that failure and success are two sides of the same coin. If they are unable to accomplish something, show them how they have made the best of their efforts. Ask them to try again, teach them the ‘never give up attitude’, cheer them up and make them understand that setbacks are a part of life.

In the end, parents are the role models for their children. A child looks up to them in every situation and follows their lead as he/she grows. Hence, as a parent, it is your duty to portray everything suitably. As it is said, a candle has to burn itself to spread the light, similarly, parents need to work on themselves first, build their self-esteem, become stronger and confident and then only they will be able to build their child’s confidence.

You’ve read The Top Tips to Boost Your Child’s Confidence, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you’ve enjoyed this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles.


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