How to Stay Sane When Your World is Spinning Out of Control

You may going through agonizing circumstances in your life right now.

Your romantic relationships or marriage could be tearing at the seams and you may not be able to hang on much longer.

Or some other kind of family relationship may be tearing your heart in half.

People may be making you choose sides.

Blackmailing you. Threatening you.

Giving you the silent treatment.

When emotional family drama consumes your life, it feels like everything is spinning out of control.

The very people who love you are turning your life upside down.

How do you remain sane when the emotional turmoil of your life is tearing you apart?

How do you remain above the shore when family drama and emotional turmoil are trying to sink you?

How do you stay sane when your world feels like it’s spinning out of control?

1. What you can control. I want you to remember that you can’t change anything that is happening around you. People will act out of ego, anger, resentment or greed. People around you, even close faily and spouses, will act malicious and with the desire to hurt you. You can’t control people, their actions and the circumstances you find yourself under.

2. Your primary duty. You may believe that your duty under these circumstances is to win. Or to have a strategy to combat or find some way to stand up to the nasty oppressors in your life. You may feel like your reason for living is to find a solution. It’s not. You only have one duty under these circumstances: your primary duty. Your primary duty is to cope and stay balanced while the drama is going on around you.

3. Answers will appear. You don’t need answers or need to know how everything is going to turn out. This is life. It will turn out as it’s going to turn out. You don’t have proactively or reactively do anything at this point, especially seek answers that haven’t formulated yet. Answers will come if you don’t grovel for them to appear. Answers will appear at their own time.

4. Embrace the wind. You are being tossed and turned like a dry leaf in hurricany-type storm. You can either ask why, questions the universe, get angry at the Gods or embrace the situation that you’re in. This means to embrace the things you likely hate most: change, conflict and uncertainty. If you don’t question the sequence of events or wonder why the Gods have cursed you, you’re winning. If you’re open to the rapid and unpleasant changes and are accepting them, you’re winning on the sanity front.

5. Be a fully present leaf. Your life may be a mess but you’re not a mess right now. Situations may be sticky, doom may be pending and drama may surround you every day but that doesn’t mean that this moment is ruined. In this very present moment, everything is ok. You are in no danger right this second. Everything is all right. The past has already happened and what you fear tomorrow is at this point, a figment of your mind. Fully embrace the place where you are at right now.

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