The Power of Goal Setting (and Accomplishing)

The Power of Being a Goal Setter (and Accomplisher)

Success. For many success is viewed as something esoteric and elusive. Its seen as something meant for a selective few who are more exceptional than the rest of us. They seem to have some type of knowledge or gift the rest of us can’t replicate or at least comprehend.

I’m here to tell you that when it comes to obtaining that level of success you’ve always dreamed of whether it be losing weight, getting that promotion at work or even to start a business that is thriving its more possible than you think.

The Magic of Setting Goals and Accomplishing Them

If there is one common lesson I’ve learned from all of the seminars, books, interviews and other content on the subject of success, its that success in not more or less being lucky or having tons of talent. Success by many definitions is more of a system than anything else. A well thought out system of first figuring out what you want and where you want to be. Then you calculate exactly what it will take to get there. Next you implement a system of small or sometimes big goals that will surely take you in the right direction. Setting goals in themselves is not what stops people from getting where they want to be in life. Usually its that they are not accomplishing them.

I would say one of the biggest killer of success is that most people can’t find something and stick with it for an extended period of time. Most try something for a week or two then simply say it didn’t work then give up. For me personally I always had so many great ideas that sounded good to me. I would start one thing, try it for a few weeks than move on to something else not realizing why I kept failing at everything I tried. It wasn’t till I stuck with a project for more than a month that I began to see some significant growth. Success in its essence means you have to be willing to give something your all even if you don’t see an immediate reward or instant return. For many this is something they just cannot pass. Our society has conditioned us for constant stimulation and for people to be always looking for that next dopamine rush. Rather this be from checking your likes on Instagram or constantly checking your email. You must be able to see the bigger picture and know that right now you see no instant gratification for your work but that one day you will be able to relish the fruits of your labor.

Setting your goals give you a real road map to where you want to go. When you plan out your next move and actually stick to it, your mind is not left wondering “So what do I do now?” your mind has a focus point for all your energy to be projected towards.

When you give your mind that focal point, ideas will just come from seemingly nowhere. Your brain will constantly be working on ways of improving or innovating what ever the focus is on. In turn what is your brain doing when you’re not focusing on a particular goal? It has no focus so its everywhere else giving energy to a lot of things that don’t really matter at all. Would you drive across country with no map or gps and still expect to reach your destination in time? I highly doubt you would so don’t do that with your life and career. The only significant edge some people have over others is that some plan for the future while other sit around and always say one day I’ll get to that thing I want to do. We all know someday usually doesn’t happen. Like the great Malcolm X said, “The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.” Be the one who prepares.

Concluding Thoughts:

Success can be summed up to creating a system of goals that you first create, then follow through on and accomplish them. Set your goals up and stick to them, allowing the momentum of accomplishing your goals push you to do even greater work. Find your one focus point and make sure you tend to it faithfully for no less than 6 months before you even think of giving up on it. Success will and can be yours, you just have to set yourself up for it.


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