4 Great Ways to Look and Feel Amazing for the Upcoming Holidays

New Look

Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving, Chanukah, or Xmas, the major holidays (including New Year’s) is only months away. This is the time of year when friends and family come together to celebrate in their own special way, and it is also the time when people want to look and feel their best.  Whether you want to look stunning for that big New Year’s Eve party or feel good about yourself over the holidays with a great optimistic outlook on 2018, here are four things you can do to achieve these goals.

Book Regular Appointments with a Skin Care Spa

Your face is the first thing you notice about yourself, and it is generally the first thing others notice about people. Whether you want to reduce red spots, wrinkles under the eyes, or lines on your forehead, the best skin care spas have well-trained aestheticians who customize treatments to help clients achieve their beauty goals. You could be a great candidate for scheduled custom facials, microdermabrasion treatments, or you may even have other goals to improve your appearance that extend beyond the face, in which non-surgical body contouring treatments would be ideal.  From New York City to Dallas and to Los Angeles, find a boutique skin care spa and let your aesthetician know what goals you hope to reach by the time the family is ready to carve the turkey and exchange gifts!

Work with a Life Coach

Looking great is one thing, but truly feeling amazing takes happiness to a whole new level. Often we experience a disconnect with our true desires whether we find ourselves buried in careers or too busy raising a family to focus on ourselves. When people disconnect with their authentic selves, the opportunities to live a full life of joy can be hindered. This is why many choose to work with a life coach specializing in various areas and who they can connect with. When we learn to connect with ourselves, we will be able to better connect with others, and with this comes a new level of living and happiness that will open your awareness to taking in all the joy during the holidays.

Get a New Look

Sometimes we tend to get stuck in a fad whether it’s the way we dress or how we style our hair. Start by visiting a respected hair stylist who has attended the latest conventions and is current on what the “in look” is, and where it’s headed. You can also book time with a style consultant to help you shop for a new wardrobe. These are skilled experts who know how to dress people based on their skin tone, body shape, hair color, and facial structure. A new wardrobe for Fall and Winter, some new sunglasses, striking accessories, and the latest hairstyle will bring out your natural beauty leaving you looking, and feeling, totally amazing.

Consider a Tattoo

It may sound crazy, but times are changing. Today’s business executives are no longer a majority who wear suits and ties. There are more professionals coming from creative agencies and tech companies that sports sandals, torn t-shirts, and custom ink. While some have entire sleeves of ink running up their arms, others have a single tattoo in a noticeable place, yet it is subtle. Tattoos aren’t for everyone, and you should always be 100% sure you want one once you sit down in the artist’s chair. But if you have considered it, check with your employer and see how your industry as a whole views people with tattoos. While a sales executive a pharmaceutical company might be able to have one and not have it impact their business, a pediatric surgeon may get a few raised eyebrows. So long as it is appropriate for you and doesn’t interfere with your career goals, a tattoo could give you a new look leaving you feel energized and more alive than ever!

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