6 Scientifically Proven Ways to Improve Your Memory

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Remember those days when your brain is too lazy and you keep forgetting a few things every now and then. Are you tired of studying the same chapter over and over again every day but nothing retains in your brain the next day? Don’t you like to change this? Don’t worry! Read this article and you will find 6 ways that are scientifically backed up on how to improve memory power.

  1. Rehearse your brain for at least 40 seconds.

Rehearsing your brain can help you remember things much better. A study was carried out in a few people, where 26 youtube clips have been played. For most of these videos, the people spent 40 to more than 40 seconds going over the events of the video. They were tested 2 weeks later and the videos that were not rehearsed were almost forgotten by them but they remembered most of the events that they spent 40 seconds rehearsing one.

  1. More vegetables a day could help you improve memory

A study found out that people who eat about 2.8 servings of vegetables a day showed a small decrease in the cognitive function with advancing age. This study was carried among 3718 participants with an age of 65 years or older.

  1. 2 cups of hot chocolate a day can boost your memory.

Different areas of the brain which are functioning more need more blood supply to those areas. An antioxidant known as Flavanol helps to improve the blood supply to different areas of the brain. A study was carried out among 60 people for one month. Half the people were given 2 cups of hot chocolate rich with Flavanol every day for a month and the rest were given hot chocolate with a low content of Flavanol. After 30 days, they were given small tests of memory and thinking skills. Ones, who drank hot chocolate rich on Flavanol, had a better memory power compared to the ones who drank hor chocolate with a low Flavanol content.

  1. A good mood will keep your memory happy.

Simple methods like having some sweets can elevate your mood as well as your memory. A study was carried among a group of older adults aged between 63 – 85 years. Half of the people were given a bag of candy and a thank you card whereas the other half received nothing. The working memory and their decision-making skills were assessed. The results showed that the group which received a bag of candy had better working memory and decision-making skills compared to the ones who did not receive anything.

  1. Supplements can enhance your memory power

As we grow older, our memory tends to decline by about 60%. Isn’t that awful? The good news is that there are ways to prevent or stop this decline in memory power and one such way is by Flexoplex . Flexoplex is a supplement produced by all natural ingredients that help you to improve your memory power. This purely natural supplement helps to improve your memory and your focus. As this is produced by 100% natural ingredients, there are no side effects. This supplement works for both males and females of any age.

FocusNutra Intelligex will improve the cognitive function as well as boost up your energy levels. So reserve your bottle today to improve your memory.

  1. Exercising helps

A new study finds that exercising 4 hours after studying helps to improve the memory. This study used 3 groups of people. The first group exercised soon after studying some picture-location associations. The second group exercised 4 hours after studying the same thing and the third group did not exercise at all. The exercise was interval training on an exercise bike for about 35 minutes. These groups were called to the lab 2 days later and their memories were tested. The group that exercised four hours after studying had the best memory power out of all the 3 groups.


It is a normal fact that we tend to lose our ability to remember things as we grow older but this process of slowing in memory power can be prevented or slowed down. Simple measures like adding more vegetables to your diet, drinking 2 cups of hot chocolate a day, exercising and rehearsing your brain can help you to boost your memory. Another effective way of improving brain power is with FocusNutra Intelligex. It is a 100% natural side effect with minimal side effects which enhance your memory power and boost your memory.

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