Sacred Pine Trees #1 by JUNHO

Samneung(Three royal tombs) in Gyeongju Bae-dong, Korea.

Samreung Pine forest is one place among the most beautiful places in Korea.
Large, small, thin, and thick pine trees meander as they please.
Why are the pine trees of Gyeongju the only ones in the city that are winding?
According to one opinion, this could be attributed to the Silla era, when more than 170,000 houses existed.
To build such a city, a huge number of woods were probably needed, and as the people cut the large and straight pine trees for such purpose, only the small and bent ones eventually managed to survive for use by their descendants.
This place is more famous as a forest with such pine trees rather than as royal tombs.
Particularly in spring, when the azaleas blossom among the pine trees, the place is filled with springtime picnickers.

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