The 5 Best Podcasts on Prosperity

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Prosperity is about the varied search for fulfillment. It is being in a state of thriving and success. However, this can be both in your individual life as well as the culture and society that you partake in. In fact, cultural prosperity can reflect the values that serve to motivate the individual toward a certain prosperous initiative.

  1. If you can’t imagine holding someone in high regard who is a ‘complainer’ or views themselves as a ‘victim’, it is much more helpful to both of you if one is willing to ask if that person wants to fix anything from their logical mind, or are they open to truly seeing people in a positive light. Energy attracts energy, and if your attitude is one of complaint, you will attract more misery on yourself.

  1. ‘Negative news is bad for your brain .’ –this podcast suggests that we shut off our televisions or radios (especially before we go to sleep) in order to be more careful about what we feed our brain. The concept of ‘mental nutrition’ is spoken about, being mindful of what we choose to allow into our consciousness.

  1. This is a podcast where guest Amy, aka the ‘Vlog Boss’, focusing on coaching people to go after what they want in life, helping them to create vlogs online. It is important to look at the context of each platform and stand out with what your message is. Look at the lens of the camera as though it is the one person who you would deliver the information to and speak to the camera as though you are talking to a person, it is about breaking down your fears.

  1. Lewis Howes ‘The School of Greatness’ podcast brings a special guest Chris Lee (a transformation coach), to speak about the 10 principles of abundance and prosperity. If ever you are struggling with many things that are not happening the way you want them to, you are feeling the weight of some story of scarcity you believe about yourself, this is a very enlightening podcast to listen to. It is much easier to create an abundant life by shifting your mindset, which shifts your action and ultimately, your reality.

  1. Joan Sotkin’s site offers podcasts with a holistic approach to building your business. Focusing on a strong base for success, real world business and financial skills are also covered, however this particular podcast centers on ‘brain science’. The interesting take away is that the brain takes more interest in social comparison than it does with food and water, which shows that we must come to a point to where we accept and are happy with where we are in life, knowing that we are safe without having to compare ourselves with others. We can create the circuitry in our brain to a certain degree and so forming new habits toward the purpose of success can be motivating.

True prosperity is more about good fortune through personal and cultural achievement. Many of us have to do a lot of self work in order to develop the mindset of abundance that can lead to true prosperity. The widely believed definition of it, which is simply monetary wealth, can’t be the end goal, it must be about happiness, health, wisdom, relationships and career, and then we may see the flourishing of success and prosperity.

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Larissa Gomes is a breast cancer survivor and single mom to her spirited baby boy! Originally from Toronto turned Angeleno, she has worked in roles from writer, actor and producer for well over a decade. In that time, she’s developed concepts, film and television screenplays, short stories, along with freelance articles, blogging and editing work

You’ve read The 5 Best Podcasts on Prosperity, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you’ve enjoyed this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles.

My Mission: Help the World Transform Fear into Openness & Joy

By Leo Babauta

When I started Zen Habits 10 years ago, I simply wanted to share what I’d been learning about changing my habits and simplifying my life with others.

Then something magical happened.

Over the next year or two, people took some of my tips and changed their lives. They were able to finally stick to some new habits, simplify their lives, even find a mindfulness practice. As they changed their lives, it changed me.

Now I didn’t just want to share life tips. I wanted to help. I wanted to serve my readers, help them find contentment and happiness and gratitude and joy. That meant I had to dig into their messy problems, meet them in the middle of their struggles.

In the last couple of years, I’ve been honing in on what I can do to help people, and I’ve been honing in on my life’s mission.

I think I have it now: my mission is to help people with their struggles, and find mindful openness, gratitude and joy. My mission is to transform fear, uncertainty and discomfort into this place of peace and contentment. I’ve been working on how to state that mission in a succinct way, and I’m still working on it.

But I’m going to own my mission statement as it is right now: Help the world transform fear & uncertainty into mindful openness and joy.

Transform fear and procrastination into joy and gratitude.

Transform struggle and frustration into growth and love.

Transform uncertainty and change into peace and openness.

That’s my mission, and I’m sharing it with you because over the next couple of years, you’ll see me write more about this, but also offer books, courses, webinars, workshops and retreats to try to accomplish this mission.

That’s why I offered the Dealing with Struggles Course (which is still open right now), why I offered the Zen Habits Mindfulness Retreat (just finished this past weekend, went brilliantly!), why I continue to offer new video courses in my Sea Change Program. I’m not doing these to make lots of money, but to fulfill my life’s mission.

This Sunday (April 30) is my 44th birthday, and I’m going to be offering a free video training program on that day, as a gift to all of you. I’ll tell you more about it on Sunday, but for now just know that’s it will be completely free, I won’t be trying to upsell you on any products or services, and the only reason I’m offering it is because I am driven to serve you and my mission.

It be called The 44 Training Program: Training in Uncertainty to Find Mindful Openness. It will be a 44-day training program, where you commit to practicing for just 5-10 minutes a day. You’ll get good at uncertainty and discomfort and change, and learn to find joy and openness in the midst of it all. More on Sunday!

For now, I just wanted to share my mission with you all, because I love you guys, and you have changed my life in a profound way. I’m deeply grateful for your support over the years, and just know that I’m committed to serving you with love and joy.

Do You Drown Out Your Intuition?

Our higher self

You can call it intuition, inner knowing, the universe, higher beings or whatever works. Everything that exists contains this flow of energy. It’s always there. When you are in that flow, you know that you are safe. You know you can do anything. You know that everything will go well and everything will work out.

There are no mistakes when you’re in the flow. You can’t do anything wrong.

It’s kind of like being in that make-believe world we had as children where we could do anything we set our minds to and nothing could ever go awry.

That’s what being in the flow is like.

We are designed to live in the flow. We are designed to live our lives as powerful beings.

Unfortunately, our minds get in the way

Our minds live in the physical world. Our minds need PROOF. Our minds KNOW…

…that we’re individuals

…we’re not connected to everyone else

…we’re separate

…other people are dangerous

…mistakes are wrong and bad and we must avoid making them or other people will think we’re really stupid

…we measure success by comparing ourselves with others

We live in a world created by our mind.

The Subtlety of Our Intuition

Our minds are so loud that we often miss what our higher self is trying to tell us because our higher self is very subtle, very gentle. In fact, it’s the complete opposite of how the mind is!

Our higher self might give us a nudge to go in a different direction when we think that we absolutely know the way. Synchronicities and coincidences map out the path that our higher self is guiding us along.

The difference between the way the mind works and the way our higher self works is like trying to compare Las Vegas and Vienna. You can bet your bottom dollar that the path our higher self will take us on will be the quickest and most beneficial one for us in more ways than we can possibly imagine.

Our higher self gives little nudges: ‘take the next left turn’ or ‘call Sam’ whom you haven’t seen in ages. Before we know it, something completely unexpected happens. It’s like landing on a ladder square in snakes and ladders: we bypass three rows of squares and catapult forwards.

Can you remember how it feels when that happens in snakes and ladders? You’re way behind everyone else then you land on a ladder square and suddenly, you’re in the first place and way AHEAD of everyone else?

You feel amazing: light, happy, gleeful, joyous.

Anything and everything become possible.

That’s how life SHOULD feel. You SHOULD feel happy, joyful, excited, safe, loved ALL THE TIME.

You’re meant to live your life IN THAT FLOW of energy.

But to do that, you must quieten the mind down to the point where you can hear those intuitive nudges.

Which is easier said than done, to be honest, because the purpose of the mind is to protect you.

And really, all it wants to do is to keep us safe from harm. It works to be KIND to your mind, to not judge it and to understand where it’s coming from.

The more you resist what your mind is trying to do, the louder it’s going to become.

Give your mind a break: its job is to protect you.

Quieten The Mind To Hear Your Intuition

Having said that, how can we quieten our minds to the point at least where we can hear our intuition?

  • Doing something physically strenuous will usually get your mind to calm down: e.g. running, swimming, boxing or an aerobics class.
  • Doing yoga
  • Meditating
  • Journaling
  • Visualising

Find a method that you can do DAILY to help calm your mind to the point where you can at least HEAR the nudges from your intuition.

Get into the habit of listening out for those nudges. Look for synchronicities, the coincidences, the little hints and suggestions…

And then, FOLLOW them! Now you can hear them, FOLLOW THEM! Don’t ignore them!

When you get one of those nudges, it’s like landing on the ladder square: take advantage of it!

If you were playing snakes and ladders and you couldn’t see where the ladder was heading, you STILL wouldn’t hesitate to take the ladder square, would you?

You wouldn’t take another turn just in case you ended up somewhere you didn’t want to?

You wouldn’t take another roll of the dice just because you couldn’t see what was at the end of the ladder…

Because you’d KNOW that the ladder was heading UPWARDS and by taking it, you’re going to end up that much closer to the end square.

Your higher self wants you to win

It wants you to have everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

You just need to listen to it when it’s talking to you.

Try thanking your mind kindly for its input, give it a big hug, quieten it down and listen out for those nudges from your higher self and follow where they’re leading.

You will end up somewhere completely unexpected and more amazing than where you planned to be!

And I’d love to hear where that is!


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Should the Chinese Government Be in American Classrooms?

While the rapid spread of Confucius Institutes in the US has been impressive, in recent years their unusual reach in the American higher education system has become increasingly controversial: these institutes are an official agency of the Chinese government, which provides a major share, sometimes virtually all, of the funds needed to run them. The National Association of Scholars, a conservative group whose members are mostly American university professors, has recently issued the most complete report on the CIs to date; they recommend that the institutions either be closed or reformed.

The Importance Of Freedom And How To Take Control Of Your Life

Freedom is what gives people the power to act or not to act. It allows them to determine their own future and to shape their own destiny. That is what we all crave for. Yet, somewhere along the way, we have lost touch of this freedom we all love. We now struggle with our own minds.

If you are struggling to take control of your life, here’s what you need to know.

What many people are doing

Most people get influenced by the world around them. This can be intentional or unintentional, but it keeps them from being fully in control of themselves. They don’t have the power to make the most out of their day. They cannot stick to the choices they make.

People go along with these influences like they are normal. Instead of being in full control of themselves, they have given up their freedom to things and people which should not matter to them.

Why it matters

internet influenced

These scenarios happen countless times every day and most people don’t realize their extent.

Instead of playing with their kids, parents are influenced into placing a football bet after watching a TV advertisement. Employees browse aimlessly on the internet, instead of working. Instead of working on their business, aspiring entrepreneurs are busy scrolling on Facebook after receiving a few notifications.

If you are one of those people, you need to wake up and take control of your life. You aren’t living on your terms and you are being influenced by things to such an extent that you aren’t a free man anymore.

What you can do

An acknowledgment of this is a good first step, but most people don’t even go that far. They continue to live their lives depending on other people’s approval. They don’t even realize that they have a choice and they let other people control their happiness.

Modern society considers this as normal. Isn’t this absurd?

Many people are still fighting for political freedom to this day, yet many of our actions aren’t done through our own control. People should fight for freedom, and the freedom we can most control is the freedom within ourselves. No one should influence our choices in life.

We must protect what we have, especially what we can control. We do not have power over many things external to us, and we can accept that and continue living happily. But, we shouldn’t be so weak and give up our control of what can’t physically be taken away from us.

After all, political freedom won’t mean much if one’s own mind isn’t free. If we cannot control our mind, then we can’t expect ourselves to fully enjoy a life based on our own terms.


importance of freedom

The worst part of this is that this is all self-inflicted. There isn’t an enemy this time- just ourselves.

And we shouldn’t be our own enemy. We should be in full control of how we live our lives.

Many ordinary people will agree with this article, but right after they are finished reading it, they will go back on Facebook, their phones and pondering things that aren’t really important. The reality is that it takes great effort to get rid of these temptations, especially if it’s not in your true interest.

Bear in mind, however, that you have a choice to reclaim your freedom and take control of your life.

Strong people can easily agree to this. They know that they are in full control and nothing or nobody else has power over them. These people have the authority over their lives and they will do what they want. They will not cave into societies’ influences.

These things are great examples for other people, especially those who have lost their way and those who are currently unhappy with their lives.

Embrace change if you need it. Your freedom is one of your most prized possessions, so don’t take it for granted. When one realizes that he might have lost his way, then they need to fight back for it. Freedom is never worth giving up.


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Happy Arbor Day from Case Mountain – home of some of the…

Happy Arbor Day from Case Mountain – home of some of the largest trees on earth! Located about 7.5 miles southeast of the town of Three Rivers, California, Case Mountain was established to protect the giant sequoias. Comparable in size to a 26-story building, sequoias not only loom over their mixed conifer forest neighbors, but they also outlive them – reaching over 3,000 years. Check out more remarkable trees:

Photo by Bob Wick, Bureau of Land Management.

Beautiful Wooden Villa in Sweden with Luminous Interiors

This single-family villa is located on the eastern coast of Sweden, a place historically renowned for its tourist appeal and party status, but which is currently uninhabited. Having been renovated by the architectural firm Jonas Lindvall A&D in 2014, it now has approximately 1,000 square feet of space. It has been completely constructed using wood, from its walls to its ceiling. Meanwhile, its design structure was inspired by the typology..


How To Develop Empathy By Understanding Subjective Hardship

Most people understand what hardship is but not a lot of people know how to develop empathy. When we think about someone who undergoes hardship, we often think about those who are impoverished, disabled or marginalized in some way. What we fail to think about is subjective hardship.

What is subjective hardship?

I define subjective hardship as the hardship that someone internalizes. Often, we cannot see these hardships. But, just because we cannot see them, does not mean that they are not real. Just because someone might seem fine on the outside, does not mean that person is not having real pain on the inside.

If a child from a high-income household expects hundreds of presents each year, and one year that child receives less than expected, there is a good chance that child will be undergoing subjective hardship.

Now, you might be thinking that this spoiled kid is not undergoing any hardship and that’s exactly the problem. The number of people who take their lives has increased in recent years. High schools and colleges are seeing a major increase in mental health issues across young people who are 14 to 24 years old.

Many of the reasons that these numbers are increasing revolve around how we conceptualize hardship. We have to reframe how we think about hardship to better understand what factors are leading to the increase in mental health service use.

Developing empathy for hardship

active listening

One of the best ways to understand how people conceptualize subjective hardship is to listen. Active listening is the key. Simply listening to someone who is going through some form of hardship, without judgment, could make all the difference. When we fail to account for subjective hardship, we forget that we are human.

Humans live and die by the expectations they create for their society, community, and families. If all of a sudden, we change someone’s paradigm, that person is likely to struggle with his or her mental and physical health. On the outside, that person may own a fancy house and car, but, on the inside, that person could be struggling with depression, anxiety, and stress.

Break down the barriers through vulnerability

break down barriers

The easiest way to break down a barrier is to acknowledge. If someone you know seems a little off, say something.

There are so many reasons why we experience pain in life. However, because we feel like no one will be able to understand the pain and what we are going through, we often hide them.That attitude is the barrier that we need to break down. Other people will only be able to understand you if you let them in.

Showing vulnerability is the easiest way to get another person to open up to you. If I tell you about how my life is going and the struggles that I face, you will be more likely to open up to me. Showing vulnerability is showing strength as it takes strength to admit when something is wrong.

If we can break down the barriers and realize that people are just people, then we might be able to save some lives.


Hardship is both objective and subjective.

There are plenty of data on objective hardship which enable us to know exactly how to combat it. What we know less about and what we need to learn more about is subjective hardship.

No one has a perfect life. Because we place such a high value on money and material possessions, we often forget how important personal relationships, health, and moods are. No one deserves constant stress, anxiety or sadness. It is the right time that we step up and show empathy for others.

The simplest way to show empathy is to listen to someone’s problems. Ask about what’s going on in their lives. Try kindness and aim to develop trust.

There is a good chance that person will return the favor in the future. If we can break down our barriers, we can develop relationships across socioeconomic boundaries. Be just a little better than you were yesterday and see what happens.


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Transforming a storage unit into a simple, modern and wonderful apartment

If there are any architectural projects in the world that are set to fascinate us endlessly, this must be among them. This beautiful project is located in London, UK. It was designed by De Rosee Sa in 2016, and its 110 meters squared of space are perfectly distributed. The space, which was previously a storage unit, has been converted into a spectacular 2-bedroom apartment. Each of its areas provides amazing..