Spectacular Interior Design Created by Carrera by Design in Sydney, Australia

This spacious and bright house of open and shared spaces was designed by the Carrera by Design team in 2016, and is located in Sydney, Australia. Its comfortable spaces were decorated with a range of browns that mark the personality of those who live there, and also serves to give a touch of elegance to each of the spaces. The cozy living room, with contemporary furniture, looks inviting. Sofas in..


Red Flags: When To Start Giving Up On Relationships

Falling in love with someone can be a wonderful experience. As you learn about one another, you begin to see new ways of learning and experiencing life. There is little that disrupts the flow of a newly budding relationship and it is easy to become swept away by the attraction.

However, once you have settled into your role as a partner, the attraction and adoration may no longer enough. You will face the challenge of working out problems. Unfortunately, some couples never recover from the hardships of learning how to compromise and growing together.

So, how do you know when it’s time to start giving up on relationships?

There isn’t enough quality time

You or your partner is seeking pleasure and satisfaction outside of the relationship.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a couple having different interests. In fact, two people in a healthy relationship should have experiences that they enjoy independently as well as together.  The struggle comes when one or both of the partners begin to seek enjoyment outside of the relationship at all times.

While this may seem like an insignificant problem, the lack of quality time spent together can compromise the health of the relationship in the long run.

Be sure to balance the time you spend doing what you love and the time you spend with your partner. If you find yourself relieved when you are not around your partner, it may be time to reconsider the future of the relationship.

The relationship is experiencing unfaithfulness


Unfaithfulness is like a wound that is unable to properly heal. There may be forgiveness and closure, but the harm the action caused will never fully disappear. All that may be left is a scar and there will always be evidence of the hurt.

Infidelity is commonly referred to as “cheating” and typically includes any sexual relationship outside of two exclusive partners. Cheating or infidelity, however, can also present as emotional or visual. If you find yourself looking at others for visual pleasure or you experience an emotional connection with another person that should only exist within your relationship, you may need to take the time to reflect on your relationship.

You become uncomfortable as a couple in social settings

If one or both of you are visibly uncomfortable when you are in public together, something is probably wrong.

This does not necessarily mean the end of the relationship. It may simply mean that there is a problem that needs to be addressed.

But, if one of you is intentionally avoiding the other when you’re with friends and family, the problem may have deeper roots. It may be the right time to talk it out with your partner and reevaluate things.

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There are red flags of abuse

If you are harming your partner intentionally, either by words or by actions, then the health of your relationship is already diminishing. If your partner is doing things with the intent to harm you, it is time to walk away. No loving or healthy relationship comes with the intention to harm.

There may be times when a person does something that hurts the one he loves the most, but if this hurt has progressed to intentional, hurtful behavior, it is better to just walk away. Talk to local resources offering help for dating or domestic abuse. The trained individuals in these institutions may be able to provide you with a clearer answer about the abuse you are experiencing.

You and your partner are traveling in very different directions

ended relationship

Lastly, no matter how much time has passed since you decided to become an exclusive couple, life can still lead you to two separate directions. Differences in passions, desires and hopes for the future often spell the end of a relationship.

Healthy couples either work through these differences or mutually decide to end their partnership. Other couples have difficulty with this process and the ending of the relationship can be quite ugly. But, regardless of how messy it may look, it is important to know who you are and what you want. Your joy in life, no matter what you are doing, is what you pass on to the people around you and to your children.

Is staying with this person going to uplift you and encourage you to continue seeking joy? Or is staying with this person going to bring you down and discourage you from going after what you desire out of life?

Remember, it is never too late to walk away. Some of the best and healthiest relationships involve people who never give up and continue to grow with one another. If only one person is choosing to grow, change and move forward, is the relationship going in the right direction?

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June 29th

And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.


My Week Long Experiment and the Benefits to my Mind and Body

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In almost all health and well-being articles I’ve ever read, there’s always one tip that reoccurs every time.  It’s the simplest of things, the easiest advice to follow, and I’m just surprised that more people don’t do it.  It’s not rocket science, it’s not expensive (in fact, it’s pretty much free) and is available to us all. Drink water.

I know, I know!  It can be the most boring thing you can think of when it comes to thirst. First thing in the morning when I’m still on autopilot, I’ve usually made and drunk a large cup of strong coffee before I’m properly awake – I need that rocket fuel to get me going!  But with the warmer weather now upon us, I can have a tendency to feel sluggish, for my feet and ankles to swell when I sit at my office desk for too long, and to suffer with far more headaches than is really acceptable. Talking to my colleagues (who all sit with a sports bottle filled with water on their desks) they all told me I should drink more water.  I could still have the coffee, but I should add drinks of water in-between coffees, or replace one or two of those coffees throughout the day.

Biting the bullet, I decided to conduct a little experiment of my own.  It couldn’t hurt, could it?  A week out of my life?  I pledged to my work colleagues, that for one week, I would drink nothing but water, document my findings as I went, and then give them an honest account of my well-being at the end of the week.  Here’s how I got on…

Day 1

I had to try really hard not to make that coffee.  I really needed coffee.  BUT… I had hot water instead – a little compromise in my mind, as I’m used to having a hot drink.  I won’t lie, it certainly didn’t hit the spot like my usual coffee does.  Throughout the day I consumed the recommended amount.  By the end of day one, I’d drunk over 2 litres!

Day 2

Still craving that early morning coffee!  It was a little more difficult during the day, because I work part time, and this was one of my home days.  I was busy with chores, and so I fell slightly short of the two litres, but I didn’t count it as failure.  If anything the opposite – I’d done 2 whole days without coffee!

Day 3

Woke with a thumping headache!  I put this down to a little caffeine withdrawal. I persevered with the hot water, instead opting to add a little lemon juice. By the end of day 3 I had consumed over 2.5 litres of water! Go me!

Day 4

The temptation of coffee was still there, but I didn’t feel like I ‘needed’ it in the same way as a couple of days before.  Drinking water was almost becoming a habit.  At home I made sure that I set myself little reminders to drink by programming my phone’s alarm to go off every hour, on the hour.  By the end of day 4 I’d consumed another 2.5 litres.  I noticed too that my visits to the bathroom were far more frequent than the days before.  My system really was flushing through!

Day 5

I tend to work all day on a Friday, which means I’m sat on my bottom from 9-5!  I made sure I drank plenty, and got up and moved about at least once every hour.  Leaving the office, I was surprised that my feet were normal size, and that only one of my ankles were ever so slightly puffy.  What a difference!  Toilet visits were more frequent, but I started to feel physically better.  I was getting to sleep earlier, which in turn made me feel brighter in the morning.

Day 6

A Saturday.  Fail!  Not only did I not consume my target 2 litres, but I also went off plan.  I was out for the day, and didn’t prepare adequately.  The craving for something sweet and fizzy got the better of me and I gave in to it and had a lemonade.  Still, once home I stuck to my liquid plan, and got straight back on to water. At least lemonade is a clear liquid, right?

Day 7

Mission complete!  Target consumption met!  I could really see a difference in my overall well-being.  I still peed for England, and not only did I notice a difference in my bladder behaviour, but also my bowels.  Things were ‘easier’.  My headaches became almost non-existent, and I was actually feeling like I had a bit of energy!  My mind-set was more positive, and on the whole, I couldn’t believe how good I was feeling!

I’ve added a day 8 because I just had to share this amazing benefit with you…

Day 8

The day I stepped on the scales.  Perhaps drinking more water had suppressed my appetite a little as I am 3.5lbs lighter! I put it down to water being calorie free!  Whatever the answer, I know that from now on I’ll be carrying on with the water drinking.  It’s not permanently sustainable, as I like a social drink now and again, and I will allow myself the odd coffee – just not to the same extent as before.

Jane works part time, and is also a freelance writer and blogger, who currently writes for Cooleraid. In her spare time she enjoys reading, travel, and chocolate!

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How Far Will the Court Go?

The travel ban won’t be the only big case before the Court next term. It’s a heady line up, and the news that Justice Anthony Kennedy will not retire—at a time when, given the Oval Office’s current occupant, the judiciary’s check on the executive branch is more essential than ever—is important.


Dellekamp Designed this Apartment Building Located in Mexico City, Mexico

This apartment building is located in Benito Juárez, a borough of Mexico City, Mexico. Its design and construction were undertaken by the architectural firm Dellekamp, more specifically by Derek Dellekamp and Jachen Schleich. The project was completed in 2017 and covers a total area of 1,840 square meters. The building is divided into 16 individual apartments, distributed in four levels, and these are in turn communicated vertically by an elevator…


Here’s a cute pic of a red fox seen at Maine’s Acadia National…

Here’s a cute pic of a red fox seen at Maine’s Acadia National Park. If you are visiting the park, keep your eyes open along Park Loop Road, you may see foxes playing nearby! Please keep your distance when you spot cool creatures. Help us keep the wildlife wild. Photo by Matthew Lambert, National Park Service.

Abandoned Building Dating from 1925 Located in The Netherlands Has Been Converted to Create Wonderful Spaces

This old building, dating from 1925 and formerly a nursery that had been abandoned, has been converted to create wonderful spaces out of what was a structure in disuse. It is located in Leiden, The Netherlands, a city in the Dutch province of South Holland known for its centuries-old architecture. The architects preserved much of the original details during the restructuring process, creating open spaces that are filled with abundant..


How To Make The Gig Economy Work For You

Fifty years ago, the expectation was that you would be in the same job until you retire. Today, 34% of the U.S. workforce are freelancers and that number is expected to reach 43% by 2020.

The shift is being driven by a few different factors.

First, the economy has been slow to recover since the Great Recession that started back in 2007. People have had to figure out how to survive in a terrible job market. But, now that the economy is recovering, people are finding that they prefer the flexibility and independence that comes with being their own boss.

According to Forbes, there are lots of reasons for the projected growth in the freelance lifestyle:

  • Workers who enjoy pension plans in private companies in the US have declined alarmingly from 60% in 1982 to a mere 14% today. That’s much less people getting their retirement money and financial security from private US firms.
  • Average rental costs increased by 13% in the US and yet median family income went down by 8% from 2000 to 2012. This means less buying power despite increased cost of living.
  • According to the popular platform LinkedIn, the average length of time that people are unemployed is more than 25 weeks. This has propelled people looking for jobs into the freelance market.
  • A study by two Oxford professors showed that developments in automation and computerization will put approximately 47% of jobs in the US at risk in the next 20 years. This is projected to affect workers in transportation, logistics, office and administration, and production.

Freelancing is an attractive option for people in all stages of life.

For younger workers, it can give you the flexibility to work whatever schedule suits your lifestyle. Older workers may find that they can have more creative control of their careers. Parents, on the other hand, can schedule work times around family needs.

The freedom and flexibility that come with freelancing have numerous benefits to people in all stages of life.

benefits of freelancing

Freelancing is not without drawbacks, however. Getting and keeping clients, meeting deadlines and paying the bills is all on you:

  • You’ll have to pay your payroll taxes, an additional tax burden above what you pay as an employee of a firm.

  • With no matching funds from an employer, you’ll have to save for retirement.

  • You’ll have to purchase and pay for your own health insurance.

How To Succeed As A Freelancer

There are lots of habits you can put into practice if you want to be successful in the gig economy. Here are a few examples:

  • Maintain a current portfolio so you aren’t scrambling to put together work samples when a potential client asks.

  • Maintain a website and social media presence so you’ll look like an engaged professional.

  • Keep your professional business cards handy because you’ll never know when you might meet a potential client.

  • Always complete work on time as agreed. Your reputation is at stake!

  • Create contracts so that all terms are known and agreed upon.

  • Maintain relationships with past clients. They are more likely to give you repeat business and recommend you to other potential clients

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benefits of gig economy

Forbes points to the rapid rise of part-time freelancers as a big contribution to the rise of the gig economy. LinkedIn has seen a 100% increase of members adding freelance work to their profiles in the last 5 years.

Says Walker: “This is a way for (professionals) to take matters into their own hands and proactively have more control over their professional lives.”

Even if you have a full-time job, with wage stagnation, chances are you are still struggling. Working part time in the gig economy has become a popular option for many people, supplementing their incomes, giving them real world experience and allowing them the freedom to pursue creative jobs they otherwise might not get to do.

Freelancing isn’t for the faint of heart, but it can be a totally liberating experience if you put your mind to it. There are many benefits to the lifestyle and they can really make all the difference in your life. Cutting your commute, for example, could prevent you from having a heart attack or stroke, according to some studies! Learn more about the rise of the gig economy from this infographic!

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Freelancing in the Gig Economy

Inforgraphic by JOBVINE

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Simple and Delicate Renovation of White Spaces by LSA Architects

This simple and delicate renovation of white spaces was undertaken in a house in which the clients wanted to create space and light with the minimal approach when it came to materials. In the new design, made by the architectural firm LSA Architects, a laundry area was included, as well as a library. During this remodeling, they focused on the areas of the living room, kitchen, and dining room. Its..