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Tessa Kit Zawadzki and I just returned home from an incredible week in Manhattan. While I have been to New York many times, I had never really “explored” New York. It’s amazing how many of New York’s best attractions I had never visited before. We explored a ton, took many photos, ate tasty food, drank strong drinks, and laughed with many good friends. But no moment stands out for me more than my first visit to the National September 11 Memorial & Museum. We arrived shortly before they closed at 9PM. There was barely anyone there, and it was very still and quiet. As I stood and looked down at the deep, beautiful pools that sit where the towers stood, I couldn’t help but have the memories of that day come flooding back. It’s impossible to imagine what hell is like, unless you were there that faithful day.
The victims names stand out at you with a soft light in the darkness, reminding you that their memories will never burn out.
As Tessa stood looking over the North Pool, I saw a plane fly over the Manhattan sky, and took this quick photo. The Freedom Tower is a powerful reminder that, no matter how much adversity people can face, they can always bounce back and rebuild….bigger and stronger.
This is true for all of us, and words I plan to live by in 2015.

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